Thursday, November 15, 2012

Because it should be documented

Occasionally, we go on fun outings as a family.  Not very often, but occasionally.  And such events should be documented if only to say to our kids at some later date, "See!  We do fun things."

A side note: we told Finn that we were going to have a "fun day," and he replied, "driving minivans?"  Ahem.  Touche' child.  Yes, we have been dragging you to car dealerships to test drive minivans, but I think your parents know how to have a bit more fun than that.

Now that Finn has dropped his nap (*sigh*), we have a bit more freedom to explore more remote venues.  One of those places was the zoo.  Finn is also old enough to actually enjoy the experience a bit.  (Although, it is the sort of place that gets more and more interesting as the child ages.) So we spent an hour preparing our picnic lunch we needed to bring with us, drove an hour to the nearest metro station, and then spent an hour on the metro to then reach our destination.   (If that sounds rather is.  Which is why we haven't done this earlier)

Despite the epic preparations and long trip, the day was wonderful.  The temperature was perfect--the sky slightly overcast.  The smell of autumn was in the air, and our picnic lunch at the zoo was ideal.  Finn loved riding the metro (which he called the choo choo train), and the experience was probably the highlight of his whole trip based on his conversations afterward.  He loved looking at the animals, people, and all the new sights.  The following morning he was sitting in my lap and telling me all the fun he had "yesterday" (which means any time in the past) with this huge smile on his face.  It is that sort of reaction that validates all the effort and planning that you, as a parent, put in.  

What I didn't think about in planning this day trip, was the amount of walking that I, Mrs. 27 weeks pregnant, would be doing.  Way more walking than this tired body of mine was used to.  (And that is depressing in and of itself).  I was waddling and huffing my way along, but I was beat by the end of two hours.  Note to self: perhaps engage in a bit more physical activity.  Try to schedule that in between various family illnesses. 

And of course, I must bore you with some pictures.  The full set can be seen here.

On the choo choo

On daddy's shoulders

Lioness Profile

Holding hands


Carol said...

Hooray for zoo trips! And documenting them: you take beautiful pictures.

Melanie said...

Such a cute little boy! Also, you're photos are beautiful.

Kari said...

*snort* Driving minivans! That's an awesome response.

Love the photos of your fun day! :)


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