Thursday, October 25, 2012

23 Weeks

At least I am remembering to take the photo at the right time, even though I  get to blogging about it in a timely manner.  This was last week.  I am in full on maternity clothes.  I think it quite fortuitous that my pregnancies line up seasonally so that I don't need a whole new maternity wardrobe.  Yeah me!  Way to think in advance!  (Or maybe it was just lucky timing.)

This month has been crazy.  Finn has just finished his third cold in a month.  The colds have been more than your garden variety sniffles and runny nose.  They have included fevers, a cough, the snotty nose, and general malaise.  We also have had more potty accidents as a result of his being sick, both during the day and nighttime which adds to the fun with extra laundry.  The colds last for a week, and I get a few days to a week reprieve before the vicious cycle starts anew.  I have been stuck at home for a month now because he has been too sick to take out and about.  I confess to being a not a little stir-crazy.  I blame nursery (at church) and the 17 kids there.  Mr. F. has also been busy at work with extended hours which has added to the overall joy.  Yeah for late September and October!

When I am not too exhausted from taking care of my sick and non-napping toddler, I have had a huge nesting surge which involves wanting to organize closets, purge our house of all unnecessary items, and make matching family Christmas stockings.  I don't remember much of a nesting instinct last pregnancy probably because I was just overall exhausted and generally unhealthy.  (That was before I discovered I was Celiac and therefore was battling with chronic anemia and general nutrient deficiencies.)  The only time I have to work on these "projects" however is at night when Finn has gone to bed, and itt is hard to stay motivated when all you want to do is to hit the sack as well.

Other symptoms that have reared their ugly heads: reflux--not too bad yet and worse in the evenings; dizziness--I thought I was going to pass out in the shower the other day and was pretty shaky for a couple hours after the fact; difficulty sleeping--it is just a cruel joke that pregnant women sleep poorly.

I have to turn in a food log to the midwives at my next appointment.  Of course I picked the days to log when Mr. F. made chocolate pudding in the first time since forever.  This after telling the midwife that I have basically been avoiding sugar.  Ha ha ha.  So yeah, I will admit to craving more sweets lately.  I can usually get by with a couple of squares of dark chocolate but I have moments when I just go crazy and bake gingerbread and eat a quarter of the pan before I can help myself.  (I reduced the sugar!  It is made with whole grains!  I still ate too much!)  Ah well.

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