Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August's Dinners

11: Pizza.  No recipe here.  There are certain dishes that I don't think need recipes: green salads, quesadillas, pizza, etc.  But then I am never completely satisfied with them.  When I do follow recipes, I find that I enjoy the end product much more.

12: Chicken and dumplings.  I won't lie.  I was so glad to eat dumplings after being on GAPS for 8 months.  Mr. F. actually complicates this recipe (Cook's Illustrated) a whole bunch by quartering a whole chicken, browning it, making our own stock and then adding back in the dark meat (and saving the white meat for something else).  For the dumplings I just subbed the flour with a all-purpose gluten-free flour plus a little but of guar gum (not sure if necessary).  They were a little dry, so I added some milk until it was the correct consistency.

13:  Greek Pastitsio.  I came across this on Janssen's pinterest board.  She made a comment that "it was good, but was pretty much homemade hamburger helper."  For some reason, that really called to me.  There are some days that hamburger helper (the homemade kind) really hits the spot.  This was full of creamy noodly goodness.  I will make it again and enjoy it.

15: Tomato soup with GF focaccia.  I really liked this soup--full of vegetables and added creaminess.  I wanted some the next week too, but thought that was a little excessive.  Instead, I have been trying to find other similar soups.  The focaccia was also very good.

18:  Pasta Primavera.  I don't know if you can sense a trend here.  It will become more apparent in the following weeks, but I have been craving some creamy, carb-y, goodness.  However, I try to stuff a whole lot of vegetables in there to 1) make up for the vegetable dearth of previous weeks, and 2) make the dish seem more virtuous than it really is.  I combined two recipes: one from Simply Recipes and one from The Pioneer Woman.  I have linked to both.

19:  Southwestern Falafel.  A recipe staple at our house.  Sometimes I cheat and use store bought guacamole instead of making the sauce, but the homemade sauce is to be preferred.

21:  Veggie Enchiladas.  Another staple.

22:  Ham Fried Rice.  A family classic.  Just ham, frozen peas, fried egg, and rice thrown together.

24:  French Chicken in a Pot.  This is really great method for cooking birds that might be a little more tough than your supermarket special.

25:  Lemon Fusilli with Arugula.  I love this dish.  I have to remind myself not to lick my bowl clean every time we have it.

26:  Braised French Onion Chicken Thighs.  The "French Onion" part of this dish is a bit tedious, but very delicious.

28:  Zucchini Rice Gratin.  This is good.  But I still have some issues with summer squash this pregnancy which made me less than enthusiastic about it this time around.

You can tell when I started feeling better and started to meal plan this month.  I love tracking menus in Google Calendar.  It is nice to go back and see what we have eaten in the past few months, and whether anything sounds appetizing enough to be included on this week's menu.  I usually aim for about 4 meals a week.  It all depends on how much each meal makes and whether or not we have guests.  But four meals usually give us enough lunches and dinners for the week.  Sometimes, we fall short and then it is Mr. F.'s responsibility to make magic happen with what is left over in the fridge.  He is very good at that.  (I am not.) 

I am in a bit of a food rut, so I have been checking out cookbooks at the library to get some inspiration.  Of course, most of the recipes I come across are rather inaccessible.  Everything calls for fennel.  Or mushrooms.  Or crazy Asian spices that I am not fond of (Star Anise and Chinese Five Spice I am looking at you!)  Also, I would love to see the food budget for some of these authors.  Fresh vegetables are expensive, you guys!  But I will pay for fresh vegetables.  I will not pay for truffle powder, or Filet Mignon, or pixie dust imported from the Arctic (ridiculous, I know).    I also have a toddler.  A toddler that is really quite unpicky as far as toddlers go (thanks be to GAPS!), but I do have to make some concessions (no super spicy foods, for example).  So, I am lucky if I find one (or two!) recipes in any one book.  Anyway, I would love to hear about your favorite food blogs and what you have been eating lately that has been tasty.  Please share the love in the comments!


Kari said...

So maybe you can move here and be my live in cook? The pay is crappy but the view (and weather) are fantastic! And you are waaaay more organized than me!

Melanie said...

These are the food blogs I'm currently following. Email me if you need links.

Annie's Eats
Joy the Baker
My Kitchen Cafe
Our Best Bites
Perry's Plate
Smitten Kitchen
The Bitten Word
Yummy Mummy

I frequently take recipes from some of these, and others are just fun to look at. Also, have you read Dinner: A Love Story. It was great, although many of the recipes were pasta or pork-based, which doesn't really appeal to me.

Janssen said...

I second Perry's Plate. Hint of Honey is also excellent.

Retail Worker #48721093 said...


He doesn't usually do anything too wacky (though right now he seems to be on an appetizer/fingerfood kick). You might be able to adapt some of the recipes to GF/Gaps.

Also, a lot of times he will do a series on a particular item he finds at a farmers market. Fairly easy to navigate his blog.

Kristina said...

You probably already saw this because your gluten-free journey began before mine...but I am finding a few inspirations in "The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook."


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