Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pregnancy and GAPS: mutually exclusive

I mentioned before that I had some lofty thoughts early in the pregnancy.  They included staying on GAPS and/or maybe following the Weston Price guidelines for pregnant women.  Of course, the likelihood of completing these goals moves resoundingly to zero when you develop strong aversions to two of the major food groups involved: meats and vegetables.

Other women don't seem to get food aversions when pregnant.  Other women seem to have no problem downing liver, bone broths, vegetables, eggs, etc.  They tout about how amazing they feel and smugly rejoice in their superior nutrition for themselves and their child.  Good for them.  I will try to refrain from wanting to hurl a bucket of morning sickness in their direction.

Instead of the lovely whole foods that I know I should be eating, I was instead craving nothing but boring, starchy carbs (albeit still gluten-free): white rice, rice crackers, rice pasta, oatmeal, etc.  For a while, the only thing that sounded appetizing was boxed peanut flavored and other Asian-inspired noodles, complete with their obscene sodium count and sketchy ingredients.  You know, the gluten-free equivalent of Top Ramen.  MSG, anyone?

So obviously, GAPS went out the window.  I honestly don't know if I will be returning to the diet while pregnant.  I can see doing it for a while post-pregnancy at some point to help replenish nutrient stores, but we will have to see.  In the meantime, I am actually enjoying NOT being on GAPS.  It is nice to do some minimal baking with some more neutral flours rather than using almond and coconut (which tend to be rather strong tasting).  I like the freedom of using actual milk, vs. cultured milk.  I have been enjoying roux-thickened sauces and cheesy pastas.  It is like welcoming friends back into my life. 

Of course, I am under no delusion that I am eating a well-balanced diet.  I really need to start incorporating more vegetables into my diet, but to do so requires baby steps.  My body isn't ready to embrace them fully with open arms.  The aversions are still there (although diminishing with time), and I am still battling a bit with nausea (with the help of my little friend, Zofran).  But, there is hope that a brighter future (and a more nutritious one) is before me.

My desertion of the diet precipitated Mr. F.'s as well.  I feel a bit bad about that.  It was his decision to make, of course, but cooking for me and himself was to much to handle, and GAPS is so time consuming anyway.  He plans on returning to the diet at some point since he felt such an improved quality of life on it.  Again, when that will happen remains to be seen.

So, we are muddling along, breaking out the recipes that haven't seen the light of day for 9 months.  Today, I enjoyed some peanut butter waffles with strawberry sauce.  I would be lying to say that I didn't fully enjoy every bite.

So what about you?  For those of you who have been through a pregnancy or two, any food aversions?  Did they last long?  


Jaimee said...

Oh yes. No shame in doing what you gotta do. It is better to eat something than nothing at all.

Janssen said...

You poor soul. I am SO sorry for how sick you've been.

Kristina said...

I hate food the first 15 weeks of pregnancy! Bleh! I also can't abide exercise during pregnancy which has unfortunately added to the overall weight gain. Of course with the last child I lost weight due to my stomach issues. But it wasn't worth it. I resorted to drinking my first calories of the day and trying little bites of things around noon. I'm so happy for you that you are exiting this miserable phase!

And I must say, the decision to stop at three children was definitely influenced by the sickness getting worse with each pregnancy. But nursing and schedules and overall care got easier. Go figure. Just when I think I have something figured out I don't have to do it any longer.


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