Friday, May 11, 2012

52 Pics: Yellow

A lack of inspiration had me asking Mr. F. if he had any ideas on what to photograph for the assignment of "yellow."  I should do this more often, since he was the brain-child of the pictures below.  (Although, let the record state that I did execute them.)  Mr. F. is the original "photographer" in the family, so he has some pretty good ideas of interesting shots.

This was fun because it required me to hang out in the garage with the lights off, use the remote to take the picture while I flicked on and off the blinker, and then run back to the camera to see the result.  It was also the first time I have taken any sort of night/dark shot using long exposures.  And aren't these just so typically masculine?  Like, "hey, I am a dude and I like to take pictures of my car artfully lighted."

Yellow 1
3", ISO 100, f/5.0

Yellow 2
4", ISO 100, f/5.0

Yellow also is a favorite color of Finn's.  There are certain things that he further specifies with the color yellow like the yellow jeep that is always parked across the street.  Not just any jeep.  The Yellow jeep.  So I took a collage of some of Finn's favorite yellow things.  I am pretty sure these are what he would photograph if he were doing the challenge.

Yellow ducks, yellow bananas (not to be confused with green bananas which we don't eat), yellow lion, yellow giraffe, yellow fish, yellow batman underpants, yellow striped kite (the same that Curious George flies in our book), yellow jeep parked across the street, yellow school bus. 

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heidikins said...

I really love the first car pic, super awesome with the glowy-yellow-blur in the background!



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