Friday, May 18, 2012

52 Pics: Optimism

I had a couple of ideas for this.  One was to just photograph a glass of water half-full, converting it to black and white.  The other was to photograph a clock at the time of day that I wished Finn would fall asleep.  (Or wake up for that matter).  Mr. F. had the brilliant notion to combine these ideas, and loaned me his nifty pocket watch as a prop.  He also reminded me of some basic physics and pulled down a bottle with flat sides to replace the round glass I started to use initially.

1/100, f/2.2, ISO 320

Here is a close-up of the watch and the time.  Most days Finn finally falls asleep at 8:30 to wake up by 6:30.  So yes, 7:30 is rather optimistic of me.  

Optimism closeup
1/125, f/2.5, ISO 640

Ironically, Finn did actually fall asleep by 7:30 the night I took these.  Maybe that is because we had a horrible night previously followed by a refusal to nap.  (Why child, why?!!)

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heidikins said...

I love this, I love everything about it! The "glass half full" the pocket watch, everything.



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