Monday, April 2, 2012

A whole new woman--the GAPS Intro conclusion

So, we have made it through the GAPS intro diet!  High five for us!  The last few stages went pretty quickly; we didn't have any problems introducing roasted meats, raw fruits and vegetables, etc.  I was also able to introduce egg back in.  We had two suppliers for our eggs.  One came from a work friend, and the other came from a Mennonite farm.  I do fine with the Mennonite eggs but have stomach pains from the others.  I hypothesize that it is due to the difference in chicken feed.  I am just super excited that I don't have to avoid eggs, because that would be tragic. 

I've had a couple of friends ask me if I have felt any different since doing GAPS.  Initially, I was annoyed because it seemed that they wanted me to relate some sort of miraculous cure, when in reality the effects I was seeing were much more subtle, but no less important.  However, midway through Intro, I noticed a huge difference in myself.  Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

I have talked about feeling emotionally overwhelmed by events such as holidays, birthdays, service opportunities, etc.  I get caught up in the logistics of the event and get overwhelmed even before anything begins.  I also get stressed about new situations such as driving to a place I haven't been before, etc.  These last couple of weeks I have seen a shift though.  I have felt this tendency of mine to stress lessen.

For example, I decided a couple of weeks ago to go explore Amish territory--alone (or as alone as a mother with a toddler can be.  I brought Finn).  I had heard about an Amish store tucked away in the country where I could buy butter and other bulk items, but I had only the vaguest idea of where it might be located.  I tracked it down with the help of the all-mighty internet, and decided one afternoon to just go.  It was great.  Finn and I had an awesome time.  Afterwards, I reflected that not too long ago I would not have done this.  I would have waited until the weekend when Mr. F. could have gone with us, or tried to convince a friend to join Finn and I for the drive.  I would have been too unsure of the new situation to feel comfortable going by myself.  Now however, I am filled with the sense of adventure.  I don't feel anxious at all about doing a little exploring.

Prior to doing Intro, I was really dreading Finn's birthday.  Isn't that awful?  I didn't want the responsibility to "make it special" by baking a cake, having a special dinner, etc.  It seemed like so much work to add to our already crazy life.  Midway through Intro, I had a change of feeling.  I got excited about planning the dinner for his birthday and what cake Finn would enjoy and be GAPS friendly.  I also started thinking about Easter and what activities to do to make it special. 

Who is this person?!

I sort of remember feeling this empowered before, but it has been a long time.  I think every year the symptoms have progressively gotten worse with it being particularly bad these last few years.  I am guessing my feelings resulted from some sort of vitamin deficiency/hormonal imbalance that is now resolving itself.  All I can say is if this diet makes me feel like a normal human being, then it is worth all the hassle and more. 


Janssen said...

This is awesome. I really think we are slow to realize how related our attitude and moods are to our body. I have relearned this at least fifty times in my life and probably will at least a hundred times more.

Washington Hills said...

I found this so interesting. Seriously! I'm just now learning, myself, how important a role good nutrition is in my own life. After my sweet OliverBoy's pregnancy, everything just fell apart on me, physically. Sad reality that you can't eat like you did in high school and have everything normal. Sigh, sad sad reality. Good for you! Very happy for you.


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