Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Watercolors for Easter

I mentioned in the last post how I started making plans for Easter with my new-found energy and zest for life.  They aren't very elaborate: a nice dinner, a family Easter basket with a few homemade treats (GAPS friendly, of course), a board book for Finn, and an Easter egg hunt.

For the Easter egg hunt, I wasn't excited about using the plastic eggs you find at all the stores.  Mr. F. suggested using wooden eggs instead, which was much more appealing.  In my internet searching, I came across a number of people who have the tradition of painting a wooden egg every year and labeling it with the name and date.  I like this idea and think we will try to incorporate it into our Easter traditions.

On Sunday we broke out the watercolors and let Finn paint his egg.  When he was done (or we deemed him done so as to have a somewhat aesthetic looking egg), we let him loose with some paper.

F's egg 1

Fun with watercolors

Dirty hands

We are going to paint a few more this coming Saturday so that we have enough to for our little hunt.  Finn is very adept at hiding items; we will see however how he likes searching for them.  I anticipate a lot of parental participation.   

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Carol said...

What a neat idea to use wooden eggs! Then you have a memory of each year, and when Finn has his own family, you could send his eggs with him to start the tradition in his family. I love it!


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