Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter this year was so much fun, you guys.  It was the perfect balance of special occasion and keeping it simple.

The morning started out with presenting Finn with his Easter basket.  It was filled with painted eggs, a few treats, a board book, and the rabbit puppet that he actually got for his birthday, but absolutely loves.  For treats, I made these paleo macaroons, no-bake coconut lemon meltaways, and then chopped up some dried Turkish figs.  The figs were the initial big hit (because they were familiar, I think).  The no-bake coconut lemon meltaways were universally liked.  (Seriously, they are awesome.  You should make some.  I actually, think I would decrease the honey (or agave) to just 1/4 of a cup though.)  Both the Mr. F. and Finn gave lukewarm reception to the macaroons though.  No matter.  More for me.

Asking for a taste of the dried fig in his basket.
Asking for some dried fig

The night before Easter, I realized that I didn't have any basket filling.  Good thing we have a paper shredder.  We took a few pages of green and yellow construction paper and, seconds later, had some fake grass.  With the way Finn has been playing with it, you would think that it was a purposely thought-out toy.  It just reinforces the truth: kids do not need expensive gifts to be happy.

Arguably the hit of the basket

We decided to do the Easter egg hunt after nap and lunchtime.  We were not going to mention anything about the hunt though until after lunch, because we knew he would be more interested in finding eggs than in eating.  We didn't account for his perceptive nature though.  Finn noticed the missing basket and eggs the first moment on descending the stairs after his nap.  He wanted to play with them.  Mr. F. was caught unprepared and could only think to say, "The rabbit hid the eggs outside.  We are going to find them after lunch."  Of course, it was hard to persuade him to eat lunch at that point, but we managed after a lot of insistence and coaxing.

Egg 4 close

Mr. F. and I had a lot of fun hiding the eggs in our tiny backyard.  I wish we had had more eggs to hide.  (And I think Finn wishes there had been more to find).  I thought it would take Finn longer to find them, but he found them all with almost no prompting on our part.  Granted, we didn't hide them in too concealed locations but, I was still impressed by his speed.  Afterwards, he got into the spirit of the activity and hid all the eggs that he had found.....all in one little pot.  

Hidden eggs

For dinner we had a roast rib roast, broccoli, and a last minute addition of some deviled eggs courtesy of Mr. F.  I had been hoarding the rib roast--waiting until a special occasion to bust it out and cook it.  I figured Easter is as special of an occasion as any.  It was very good.  My brother, who has worked as a chef in many a fancy restaurant, shared with me the method of cooking an awesome rib roast.

His instructions:

Season the outside liberally with (olive or roasted garlic) oil, salt, (fresh-cracked) pepper, fine diced fresh rosemary. Pre-heat your oven to 450 (or as hot as you can go).  Place roast in and sear it for 20 min, then drop the oven temp to 250 and it should be close (to done) within an hour.   Ideally you want to let it rest for an hour.   For those who love rare, you want to pull the roast @ 108 (keep in mind it will continue cooking outside the oven and come up 10-15 degrees internal temp as it rests.)  If you want it medium pull it at 118....

After dinner, Finn and I watched a short video talking about Christ and The Resurrection, skipping over the potentially traumatic parts (like scourging and dying on the cross).  Want to know a difficult topic to explain to a 2-year old?  The Resurrection.  I kept saying things like, "and Christ died......and then woke up again after a few days."  Um.  Not quite.  Must work on that.     


Janssen said...

Finn is so so cute. Also, I loved those lemon meltaways too!

Kari said...

I love your painted eggs! What a great idea.


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