Friday, April 20, 2012

52 Pics: Unusual Perspective

I didn't pick up my camera all week.  Sometimes it is hard to do a photography challenge with a toddler.  I think about possible set-ups I could construct, but unless I want my plan to be completely derailed by curious toddler hands, the only available time happens to be during naps or in the evening when the light is bad.  That is, unless I take the camera with us on our outings and try to get something that will work.

We went to the beach today, and I grabbed the camera in hopes that there might be an opportunity to get an "unusual perspective" on something.  That something just happened to be my child.  And I think he is cute, so I don't mind the somewhat repetitive nature of my subject.

Sand shadow

1 comment:

Washington Hills said...

How cute is that?! Love it!


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