Saturday, March 31, 2012

Someone turned 2!

We celebrated Finn's second birthday last Sunday.  How did it happen so quickly?  I know I didn't sleep through it. 

This year we decided to actually celebrate Finn's birthday.  I glanced through the archives just now and discovered that I didn't even mention his first birthday.  Maybe because we didn't do anything.  Granted, I think he was actually sick on and around his birthday which gives me some leeway, but I was a big exhausted mess that found birthday celebrations to be overwhelming.   I remember giving him a taste of a muffin.  So that is something.

Obviously I was completely set up to win this year; there was no place left to go but up. 

I made him a banana cake with peanut butter "frosting" which is just sweetened peanut butter that I had to then mold onto said cake.  It is pretty much the same as this one Smitten Kitchen made for her son.  (Um no.  But it was GAPS friendly, so win.)

Birthday Cake

We even put candles on it and sang "Happy Birthday" while instructing Finn on how to blow out said candles.  So what if they were tea candles because that is all that we had on hand, not having had the forethought to buy some at the store? 

Checking out the candles

We then opened presents while Skyping with the Grandparents, played with toys, and had a meal of roast chicken, complete with snatches of hot, roast chicken skin.  Yum.

Birthday mosaic

Most importantly, Finn had a really enjoyable day.  While I am sure I loose mommy blogging points for not having an elaborate-themed toddler party, I earn sanity points for me, Mr. F., and Finn.  I am all about the sanity.  


Jaimee said...

Total win! I miss the days of simple birthdays. Avalon's 2nd birthday consisted of clementines, cheese sticks, cupcakes and friends at a local park. Now it's all about activities, decorations, and party favors. Sigh....

Washington Hills said...

Your Finn is a sweet boy! Huge congrats! I always like the 2s, for what it's worth. I'm excited for this year for you. Have a great time!


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