Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How lazy are we?

Michael Pollan tweeted earlier this month a news article by the LA Times regarding the search for the perfect salad wash.  Whatever they are spraying them with now and whatever miracle spray they develop in the future just can't be good because you know it involves things like chlorine and gas and a whole lot of other nastiness.  What is not apparent is 1) how it affects us, the consumer, and 2) how it affects the nutrition of the item.  I had the thought, "What is so freakin' difficult about buying unwashed lettuce and giving it a toss in the sink?"  Of course if you are mass producing it and transporting it all over the country, the level of potential pathogens increases compared to those found on lettuce growing in your yard or from a local farm.

The topic got me thinking about convenience foods.  I am not talking about frozen pizzas or rotisserie chicken here.  Instead I am thinking about baby carrots versus pealing and slicing a regular sized carrot.  Or packaged coleslaw versus shredding a cabbage yourself.  The difference is so small, the amount of time seemingly minimal.  Plus, you drastically decrease the chances of E. coli contamination when you deal with the whole beast versus it's parts.

 I say this, but I am an offender as well.  We make everything from scratch, and if I can shave a couple of minutes off of my prep time by using bagged coleslaw.....then I am likely to do it.  But I kind of hate my laziness at the same time.  So, you see?  I am at an impasse between my ideals and my practicality.  I wish I just didn't have the option.  Take me back to the 20's when all you had to work with were the raw materials.  There were no fancy packages to lure you away with promises of extra free time.    

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heidikins said...

Not sure what rock I've been living under, but I hadn't really thought much about this. "Romaine" is on my grocery list for this evening, and I will be skipping over my usual bagged version.

Thank you, my dear!



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