Friday, February 24, 2012

Finn Notes

We have been working on colors lately.  I can't enumerate how many hours a day we spend naming the color of things.  Yellow is the default color.  If he can't remember a color or doesn't know it, he calls it yellow.  Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow--like a constant stream of verbal babble.  The activity of naming every color makes me notice that some colors just don't fall into an easy category.  Coral, for example.  Coral could be seen as red, orange, or even pink.  Really, it is a combination of all three.  And we have a lot of beige in our house.  That is a hard color for a toddler to really get a good sense of.

Finn has started refusing to sit in my lap due to my prickly leg hairs that he can feel though my pajama bottoms.  I find this a bit embarrassing, but Mr. F. finds it hilarious.  It almost makes me want to shave more regularly, but not really.

Finn's favorite activity is to build structures that are "so tall."  This request is made by putting both hands up in the air to indicate great height.  Of course he doesn't have the patience for us to fully construct said structures before he knocks them down, only to demand that you build them all over again.  Sometimes he helps, but not too often.

Build something SO tall!

Other favorite activities include putting the silverware away, untwisting lids, and pretending to chop while we are cooking.  

Helping putting the silverware away.

He just loves games.  Games where we run around chasing him.  Games that involve hiding things.  He likes to be tricky, sneaky, and mischievous.  He is all around adorable and exhausting, however it is worth it to hear his infectious giggle of glee.

He likes to lay on me as he falls asleep.  I like these quiet still moments when I can have his warm little body snuggled up to mine, his breathing in my ear.  It makes me realize that this moment is brief and I should enjoy it while I can.


Carol said...

Thanks for the update on Finn! I can't believe how big he's gotten (even though saying that always sounds so trite...he really has grown up!) He's quite the little responsible guy, helping with silverware so early.

Janssen said...

I love the background pictures of your house. I'd love to see the whole thing!


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