Friday, January 27, 2012

We hit the picture book jackpot at the library the other day.  On our way home from story time, I grabbed a few of the new books that looked like they might work for entertaining young Finn: interesting pictures, short text, etc.  If rating was based solely on the number of times I read these during the day, then they all would be five stars.  The fact that I am not hiding these behind the couch yet so that Finn can't find them also means that they are pretty good.

The Belly Book:  I love the retro style illustrations pared with short rhyming text.  And of course you can't beat a book devoted to a child's favorite body part: the belly!  Ironically, Finn loves the one page that I find not so interesting.  Go figure.

Animal Baths:  Can you really go wrong with an animal book?  Not in our house at least.  This combines animals with bath time--two of Finn's favorite things.  The pictures are bright and colorful and the rhyming text is fun.

Where's Walrus:  This has no text.  I can have a hard time with books with no text.  They can be hard to share with little kids.  This is not a problem with Where's Walrus though.  The pictures are simple and blocky with a minimal color pallet.  You can have your child point out the walrus as he is trying to hide from the zookeeper.  Also, you can work on colors:  What color hat is the walrus wearing now?  I find the illustrations fun.

 Big Hugs, Little Hugs:  The pictures in this book are a combination of paper collage and illustrations.  They show different animals.....hugging of all things.  Cats hug, dogs hug, inside hugs, outside hugs.  Again, you can't go wrong with animals at this age.  Also, Finn loves to hug so he really likes this book.  I like this book because it means that I can give lots of hugs.

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Janssen said...

I LOVE Where's Walrus. I'll look for these other ones!


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