Friday, January 6, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Doll in big boy undies
Finn's doll modeling big boy undies

It seems like many people had a nice relaxing break between Christmas and New Years--a nice lull between two big holidays with lots of time off work.  I did not.  For some reason, I thought that week would be a great week to start potty training Finn.  I mean, were had already been housebound for two weeks prior due to his double ear infection and a case of bronchiolitis.  Not to mention that I got sick at the end of it as well.  Just when we were on the mend and could possible venture out into the clean, outside air, I decided to sentence us to a few more weeks of immobility--because I am a planner like that.  And honestly, who DOESN'T want to spend their holidays potty training one's toddler???  It ended up working out since most of our weekly activities were on hiatus as well.  Mr. F. had the decency to get sick so as to spell me a bit on the CONSTANT VIGILANCE pee monitoring. 

So do you want to hear all about it?  Because now I have suffered through it, you must too. 

I went completely cold turkey on the diapers.  Monday afternoon after nap, I stripped Finn down and let him run around naked while I sent Mr. F. out to buy some undies.  My text message to him?  "Get lots."  The first couple of days, I had Finn in underwear--because I am a bit of a prude and the idea of having a kid of mine run around butt naked just felt too redneck for me (not to mention a bit unsanitary).  However, while Finn started learning bladder control and going longer between accidents, he really didn't seem to make the connection that he needed to pee IN THE POTTY.  So, I accepted the inevitable and let him run around naked from then on.

Having him naked made a huge difference.  I was able at that point to catch him midstream and put him on the potty.  It didn't take him long after that for him to make the connection that "pee goes in the potty!!!" and soon (by day 4 or 5) he was telling us that he needed to go.  Now he will at times go unassisted or unprompted.  It makes my little mother's heart proud.

The first few days though were rough.  I initially thought that perhaps Finn might not "be ready" despite me not believing in potty readiness.  He really fought sitting on the potty, especially when it was obvious that he needed to go.  We resorted to bribing him with raisins just to get him to SIT on the potty, regardless on the outcome.  Then, for every elimination in the potty, he got a sticker.  Those seemed to be decent enough bribes for him.  And once he saw how happy we were when he went pee in the potty--that really helped.  Of course now that he has felt "a healthy breeze around [his] privates," he is a bit loathe to wear underwear, so we are tackling that now.  (Because I just won't be that kind of household!)

We have ventured out twice.  Once to the store (dry), and once to church (wet).  I have to figure out how to make Finn comfortable enough to pee on the big, scary public toilets--perhaps get a travel seat that attaches.  Who knows.  Most likely though I will continue to hunker down at home until I feel like he has a bit more control.  Any advice from parents who have been there done that?

Finn is a bit young (21 months), but I am glad we are doing this now.  I really just felt like it was time.  He was vocalizing when he had pooped his diaper and sometimes when his diaper was too wet.  He also was making diaper changes a big Pain In The A--.  "You don't want to wear diapers, kid?  Fine.  No more Mr. Nice Guy."  My friend pointed out that older kids tend to be sassy.  From one who is going through this--you don't need a sassy mouth to add to the drama.

So yeah.  Good times.  Do we know how to celebrate or what?

Guess who is potty training?
Doll using his potty.  Normally, the underwear would be removed to model appropriate potty procedure.

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Janssen said...

Ack no! I live in fear of potty training. I don't want to even contemplate it. Must pretend I didn't even read this post. . .


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