Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The virus that stole Christmas

Last week, Finn picked up a virus at the Leper Colony--also known as Nursery by people at church.  Pretty soon, I will stop sending him there.  I think heathenism might be preferable to the constant onslaught to our immune systems.

At first I thought it was just a cold, but I got concerned after day five of his having a fever and a worsening cough.  This last Monday we went to the doctor's and got the diagnosis: double ear-infection and bronchiolitis.  Given that antibiotics take a few days to kick in for the ear infection, bronchiolitis cases normally last about 12 days, and I haven't slept in about a week and can feel the beginning of something coming on, I made the decision to stay home for Christmas instead of traveling to my sister's like originally planned.

Part of me was relived by this decision.  I wouldn't have to stress about Finn sleeping poorly at my sister's while just recovering from his illness.  I wouldn't have to try to entertain a less-than-healthy child in a car seat for a 6+ hour drive.  But another part of me was really sad--I was really looking forward to the Christmas chaos with lots of kids yelling excitedly about their presents.  Too add to the gloom, we haven't decorated at all (since we were planning on being away) and so now it feels like Christmas has been canceled all together.  Yesterday I pitifully hung up a handful of ornaments on our two tree-like house plants in an attempt to bring some Christmas cheer.  I also pulled out our mismatched stockings but then got depressed about how I don't have anything to put in them.

There was a part of me that looked forward to having Christmas with just our own little family.  But that was when I was healthy and had the energy to be excited about developing our own traditions as a family.  This will not be that Christmas.  This Christmas we will devoting our efforts to fending off the plague.

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Jaimee said...

Good for you for choosing to stay home. We traveled to Washington for the holidays for years with Avalon and every time we all got miserably sick and it just wasn't much of a vacation. What saddens me, though, is that this time of year used to be so magical and fun and now all I associate it with is illness. I cannot wait until all the kids are older and done with the constant illness phase so we can look forward to the holidays instead of dreading the winter.

I hope you all feel better soon!


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