Monday, November 28, 2011

Jumping on the bandwagon and telling you about our weekend

So, I had a post all started on Wednesday night about our Thanksgiving dinner plans, and then I somehow changed screens and lost it. 

(This makes me sound extremely incompetent in using my computer.  It is just that we have this new-fangled apple mouse that with a swipe of a finger goes back a screen.  I can’t seem to change screens on purpose but accidentally, I do it all the time.  There.  I have just now confirmed my incompetence.)

Anyway.  I lost my post, and with it I lost my will to write. 

We actually celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday like a bunch of heathens.  It made me a bit smug on Thursday to read all the stressful Facebook status updates regarding dinner prep while lounging around eating leftovers.  However, we paid the piper the next day. 

Mr. F.’s sister and family came up (hence a Friday celebration), and Finn found a long lost play buddy in his Aunt.  He was glued to her side for practically the entire duration of their stay.  Twice he thought she was leaving and was moved to sobs.  I don’t even rate those kind of sobs.  I would feel kind of jealous if I didn’t enjoy so much having a break and going to the bathroom by myself with the door closed.  Finn also discovered an awesome toy.  These things are great, in that they can be appreciated by all ages.  Finn was able to stack them easily (unlike other toys like chunky legos where he has trouble manipulating the pieces.)  He was so involved in playing with them that he didn’t even want to get ready to go to the park.  Obviously, I need to get a hold of a set as they might be the ticket to some independent play.  (Actually, probably not since he did need some assistance from me.  Blast.)

The dinner itself went pretty well.  We brined a turkey.  (I am thoroughly convinced this is the only way to cook a turkey.)  We then ate roasted green beans, a fruit salad, butternut squash puree and for desert attempted a variation on these sour cream pumpkin puddings

That is when things went awry.  

We had to make the puddings GAPS friendly which meant subbing honey for the sugar (not a problem) and using yogurt and creme fraiche for the milk and sour cream respectively.  I think the yogurt was the issue.  The puddings had a bit of a tang that was not expected and not really appealing.  Sigh.  It really bothers me to have a bad dessert.  Mr. F. was able to roll with the punches but I was thrown into “the depths of despair.”

And because the weekend wasn’t crazy enough, we decided to transition Finn to a bed--a twin mattress on the floor.  I am not sure how I feel about his new found freedom.  This morning he came toddling into our room while I was in the bathroom putting my contacts in.  I had the video monitor with me and could have sworn that he was still in bed.  But I guess that was just a lump of blankets.  (Let the subterfuge begin.)

And to top everything off, I didn’t take any pictures.  (But hey!  I took pictures at Halloween but then didn't post about it!)  Memories were happening but I was to overwhelmed to want to try to capture them (And Mr. F. was too busy in the kitchen).  It is at these times where I wish I could just hire a photographer to come and to capture the moments.  But that just seems a bit silly.  And too expensive.

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