Thursday, November 17, 2011


By Food:

We have drastically changed what we eat.  Again.  And yes, it is even more limiting.  This makes it the third time in a year and half that we have overhauled our diets.  It started with my celiac diagnosis, next we added Mr. F.'s corn and soy allergies, and now this.  This change is for healing purposes and somewhat temporary (months to years), but is still absorbing and time consuming as I figure out a new way to plan and fix meals.  Not to mention that what little we could purchase at the store already made has now completely gone out the window.  Mr. F. and I literally spend our spare time foraging for and prepping food.  I am sure that I will talk more about it as I get a better grip on the logistics. 

By Sleeplessness:

I survived the week long disruption that accompanied the time change.  (Having a child who needs a structured sleep schedule has firmly put me in the "I hate Daylight Savings Time" camp.)  But, now it appears that Finn is working on a molar.  What joy.

By Life:

In the midst of everything, I have to keep from living in squalor.  So, I do laundry, clean the bathrooms (but not often enough), vacuum (ditto), and obsess about the fact that I should wash my walls, but WHO DOES THAT?

1 comment:

Janssen said...

Wow, I am just astounded by how much effort you put into your diet!


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