Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What haunts me about Halloween

I will be honest with you.  Halloween is not my favorite holiday.  Sure, I loved it as a child when I got to go trick-or-treating and stock my candy stash for the year.  I would save my favorite mini candy bars for last, getting the inferior dum dum lollies and nasty good n' plenties out of the way.  I would also spread my consumption over time such that I had candy months after my siblings had eaten all of theirs.  However, once I grew out of all the homemade costumes that were handed down from kid to kid, and I had to make up my own costume, my interest in the holiday faded.  It was all but extinguished when I reached high school and the coolness factor of your costume was linked to your popularity.  The task of 1) thinking of an original costume and then 2) implementing it was (and is) just too much work with no perceivable benefit.  Luckily as an adult, I no longer feel the pressure to dress up.  I can beg off costume parties and hand out candy in my lounge-wear of choice.  I thought I was free and clear of Halloween stress.

Of course, last week I got not one, but two invites to some "Mommy and Baby" Halloween parties. The invites encouraged participants to "dress your little ones in costumes" for the events.  "Oh crap!" I thought.  Sure, I may have passed the point where I need to stress out about a costume for myself, but now I have to worry about costumes for my child.  And it is only going to get worse as he gets older!  Not to mention that I have strong bias towards homemade costumes (being that my siblings and I always wore homemade costumes that my mother lovingly sewed) which only adds to my stress, because now I have to hone up on my sewing skills and be all crafty and stuff.  Who has time for this?  I don't.  I am not getting enough sleep to be crafty.

I am sorely tempted to shelve it for another year.  I mean, Finn is, after all, only 18 months old.  He doesn't have any notion of Halloween.  He hasn't even had candy.  Or any significant amount of sugar except for what sweetens his oatmeal and yogurt.  Is this wrong of me?  (I don't know if I want an answer to that.)  I did beg a costume from my sister.  She has handcrafted her kids' costumes from day one.  I figured it is the next best thing from sewing one myself.

Dude.  I am just not ready for this "making childhood memories" type stuff.  How long can I put off the responsibility?        


Jaimee said...

Don't brush it off, toddlers in Halloween costumes are about one of the cutest things ever. Find him a costume... anything will do. Get a hand me down from your sister, have your dad dig around for your old costumes, go to a thrift store, bit the bullet and get an Old Navy costume, or go for the easy route hand made route of all black clothes with cat ears or antennae. No biggie, but oh so cute. Then go to a pumpkin patch and take lots of pictures. Trick or treating will not make sense, so skip that, but do take him to some kid parties where the parents get to eat the yummy goodies. Enjoy! :)

Hizzeather said...

ha ha ha...good luck! Just remember that other moms will probably hate you if they offer Finn candy and you say, "Oh, we don't eat processed sugar in our family." :)

I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Grace said...

Oh I feel the same way! Such pressure, trying to pick a "cool" costume. Skip it if you want to, he won't care.

I don't think people should stress about "making memories". My parents spent all this effort on that, and now I don't remember most of it: or even more annoyingly, remember random things. (For instance, I remember how much I liked the fudge in Ashland, but not the Shakespeare plays they had paid so much money for me to see.) Similarly, my husband's parents took him to Turkey as a child, and all he remembers is the hotel pool.


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