Monday, October 3, 2011

Identity Crisis

Sometimes I have a really gross misconception about the life I am actually living.  There is this huge disconnect between my actual life and my perceived one.

Actual Life:
2 adults and 1 18-month old.
Townhouse with an almost non-existent yard.
A vegetable and herb garden which are mostly ignored.
No animals

Perceived Life:
2 adults and a half dozen kids of various ages.
A homestead
Obscenely large garden with mounds of produce not to mention a small orchard of various fruit trees.
A cow/goat, chickens, pigs, and who knows what else.

For example, let's say I want to make yogurt.  I immediately start thinking in terms of half-gallons and gallons even though Finn and I might share a cup of yogurt every morning, if that.  But no, in my mind I have all these phantom children that need their morning yogurt, requiring me to make huge batches of yogurt at any given time.

We recently purchased a food dehydrator (in part to make larger quantities of yogurt than just a quart).  I wanted the larger one so that it could handle large batches of drying at one time.  What am I going to be dehydrating in such large quantities?  I have no idea.  There might be a couple times a year when I do large batch preserving: strawberry, cherry, and apple season, for example.  But don't try to reason with a mind convinced that the two tomato plants we planted will suddenly take off and proliferate like the crab grass which makes up our lawn.

Part of this is just symptomatic of my inner squirrel: the need to store up for the long and unknown winter.  However, I need to be a little more realistic about my family's needs--being just the three of us and not the 6+ phantom kids lurking about in my grey matter.  I also need to prevent myself from getting overly influenced by other people's examples.  In almost all cases they have 1) a larger family and 2) more access to produce.  

Of course I write this as I am in the midst of canning a ridiculous amount of applesauce not to mention drying a significant amount of apple slices.  Homestead here we come!

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Jaimee said...

You can feed my kids any time! :)


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