Monday, August 8, 2011


show off
On the weekends after Finn has woken up for the day, nursed, and had his diaper changed, Mr. F. will often take over so that I can grab a couple more hours of much needed sleep.  He likes to take this opportunity to get a ridiculous amount of stuff done--seemingly as if to say, "I totally rock this single parent gig.  I don't know what your problem is."  In this semi-brief window of time, he has been known to take a walk/run with Finn in the stroller, finish washing the diapers, fold a couple loads of laundry, organize part of the downstairs, and eat breakfast.

This weekend, I came down Sunday morning to find that they had gone on a fairly substantial walk around the neighborhood, and now Mr. F. was mid-batch into making pancakes.  Pancakes!  Is he trying to make me look bad?

In my defense, I guess you can get a lot more done when A) you are actually sleeping at night and B) your child isn't demanding that you hold him 24/7.  (Finn knows that Dad can't hold him as long as Mom can and so is less demanding to see everything Dad is doing.  I, on the other hand, have learned how to do many daily tasks one-handed.)

But I shouldn't complain.  I felt great after the extra sleep and the pancakes were delish. 


Mr. F said...

It's really self defense getting that much done in a morning. Keeping Finn eating, moving, and throwing laundry leaves him with little time to outsmart me!

Washington Hills said...

I'm totally laughing! This sounds vaguely familiar...Although whatever the reason - Good daddy's rock! You go ahead and make us look bad while we're dreaming on a Saturday morning! We love you for it!!!


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