Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taking Inventory

It is May, and that means strawberry season here where we live.  This usually means a trip to a U-Pick strawberry field where I make Mr. F. pick quart upon quart of strawberries to turn into strawberry jam until my little squirrelly heart is satisfied (as documented here and here).  This year though, when I brought up the subject of strawberry picking and subsequent jam making, he said, "I think our jam stores are sufficient."  Of course I didn't believe him.  How in the world could we not need more jam?!  I mean, really.

I set out to inventory our separate freezer.  You know, the one where we stock pile meat, jam, and other essentials.  Here is what I found:

Bones- 5 bags
Stew meat-4
Chuck roast- 3
Rump roast
English roast
Rib roast
Round roast -2
Hamburger- 6
Ox tail -2

So, I have been sort of hording the roasts....you know, wanting to make them last.  I don't think I need to do that any more.  Plus, the fact that I only have 6 pounds of hamburger left makes me want to hyperventilate a little.  I have about 3/4 of a year before I can order another cow (or more accurately, part of a cow).  Plus, we have a lot more broth to make with those bones.  Must get on that.

Peas - 2
Green beans
Broccoli - 2
Stirfry vegetables - 3
Corn - 2
Soup vegetables

Cherries - 3 (this does not include the three bags in our regular freezer.  Cherry syrup is in the works)

Sliced almonds
Whole almonds
Pine nuts

Beef - 6 cups

Pesto - 7

Strawberry - 12
Cherry - 11

As you can see, I have enough jam for two jars a month for an entire year, and I am pretty confident that we are not consuming jam that rapidly.  (The tragic consequence of being Celiac and not having really fabulous bread).  Plus, I just found a place where I can pick raspberries this fall, so I have that to look forward to.  (Mmmm raspberry jam.)  I had to concede to Mr. F.  No we did not need more strawberry jam.  However, that did not stop us from going strawberry picking.  Oh no.  I instead turned strawberries into lovely strawberry sauce sweetened with maple syrup.  Yumm.  Bonus is that I canned it, and so it isn't taking up lovely freezer space.  (And this would probably be a good time to take inventory of the pantry but.....)


Janssen said...

My desire for a separate freezer grows stronger by the minute.

Melanie said...

Yum! I wish the "pick your own" farms in my area were actually a better deal price-wise. The quality is definitely better, but I think these farms are close enough to the city that they can sell their produce at attraction prices rather than wholesale-type prices.


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