Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Mr. F. and I are homebodies.  When faced with the choice of staying in or going out....we like to stay in.  I guess therefore, that it isn't a surprise that Finn is the same way.

We took our first long drive this past weekend to visit family.  It was a quick trip: up one day, stay one day, drive back on day three.  The trip went surprisingly well.  I guess I was prepared for the worst: hour long crying sessions in the car and no sleeping at the new place.  Instead, Finn was good for about half of the six hour car ride, needing to be entertained by a parent for the last half.  And while I wouldn't say his sleep was stellar.  It wasn't worse than most nights here at home.  Whew.  The big draw back was that he was absolutely terrified of his Aunt--needing a parent between him and her the entire time.  That was not so cool as the whole point of the trip was to promote bonding among relations.  I am going to blame part of that behavior on teething since he cut through his first molar the day after we returned.  (Not a pretty sight by the way--I have a blood stained shirt soaking as I type this.)

The minute we walked back into the door of our house, Finn's whole demeanor changed.  He went from an attitude of trepidation and insecurity to extreme happiness and confidence.  He crawled along in frantic glee checking out all his favorite haunts: "My drawers!  They are still here!  And look!  All the clothes that I normally chuck out of them are also still here!  Amazing!"  A similar dialogue could be written for every other room of the house.  Here is a boy who likes familiarity.

I can't say that I blame him though.  In a bit more subtle manner, I too was rejoicing in being home.  While I like to go and visit places and see family and friends.  There is something so comforting about the familiar smells and feel of home.   

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