Monday, April 18, 2011

A Crime Against Humanity

Mr. F., Lady Susan, and Finn take their first extended car trip to visit family.  It should be noted that Mr. F. is rather particular about his possessions.

Mr. F.: Have you seen my iPod case?
Lady Susan: *who is thinking that she has enough to keep track of without adding Mr. F.'s things to the mix* No.  I don't know.  It was in the car during the drive.
Mr. F.: It was on your lap when we stopped to feed Foster.

Mr. F. and Lady Susan look at each other.  If that was the case, they both have a good idea of the fate of said iPod case.

Mr. F.: *Quiet sad face* Ok.

2 days later during which time there was a lot of rain and many allusions to the lost iPod case.....

Mr. F.: Pull over at that middle school, I think that's where the iPod case was left.

Lady Susan pulls over.

Lady Susan: Is that it over there? *points to a dark shape smashed up against a curb*
Mr. F.: Uh, that's just a dirty nasty sock.

Lady Susan pulls up to the dirty nasty sock.

Mr. F.: Oh yuck, it is my iPod case.
Lady Susan: *laughing hysterically at Mr. F.'s dismay and abhorrence of the dirty case* We can wash it.

1 comment:

Hizzeather said...

I can't believe you found it! That is hilarious! I need you two to go to Hawaii and find Cody's wedding ring! ;)


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