Monday, February 7, 2011

A Letter to No One in Particular


We had furniture delivered this week--a new couch and a chair to replace the one in the nursery.  It was an exciting day.  However, Finn was terrified with the whole experience.  At first we thought it was the two delivery men who scared him (as he is a bit apprehensive about strangers), but no, it seemed the new furniture itself was beyond frightening.  He was in a state of constant panic as we moved the furniture to its respective locations.  He seems to have come to terms with the new couch.  The new chair is still off-gassing in the guest bathroom and has yet to make an appearance in the nursery so we will wait and see how that goes.

Talking about the nursery chair......I am beyond excited for the new one.  Prior to Finn's arrival, M (my sister) kept telling me that a good rocking chair is essential and to get one that you can doze off in.  And it wasn't like I disagreed with her, but as you know, we live in the middle of nowhere and it isn't like we can just drive 10 minutes to the furniture store and check things out.  So....we found a glider at a second hand store that wasn't too gross and disgusting and made due.  I think the chair would have been fine if we had had one of those mythical children who always slept well and who never experienced any sleep regression and whose teeth just popped through their gums without any fuss.  But with as much time as I spend in that room and in that chair (enough that I fear my tailbone will never be the same again), the priority of getting a new chair to replace that one skyrocketed up into first place.  There are some benefits to waiting as long as we did--I knew exactly what I was looking for.  A rocking recliner with a tall back and padded arm rests.  It is going to be worth every penny of the tax refund money we spent on it.

Finn, of course, is cute, adorable, and is pretty much the sweetest boy on earth.  He likes to give hugs.  He likes to play games (ones that he initiates!).  He likes to talk and chatter.  Lately, he has started thinking.  In that, he now has opinions on things.  Too bad the only way he can communicate those opinions is to throw little fits when things don't go according to plan.  "Don't put the dishwasher up mom, I am playing with it!"  "I don't care that I am tired, I don't want to go down for a nap."  I can only imagine that these opinions and demands will increase in their strength and vehemency.

Mr. F. and I have taken to going running a few times a week.  We are both woefully out of shape, however, it makes a huge difference with how we feel, and more importantly how we sleep.  Hopefully, the running will increase as the weather warms up.

And that, my dear friend, is a short summary of what has been going on.  Do keep in touch,

Yours etc.
Lady Susan



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