Monday, February 28, 2011

His House

Someone has free reign of the house these days. Granted, he might have had free reign before, but the difference was he didn't know it. Now, Finn understands that doors hide cabinets and drawers that are full of things. Things that he can pull out. An emergency run to Lowe's was made this weekend because we didn't want Finn to ingest things like fish food and hydrogen peroxide. Prior to this weekend, the only cabinet with a lock was the one under the kitchen sink with the cleaners.

And it isn't things with doors. Stairs have a new purpose. They are not just in themselves toys to climb up and down. Stairs lead to New Places! You can explore these New Places at any time! All you have to do is climb the stairs. The number of times I climb the stairs each day have increased exponentially. And lucky for us, we have two sets. Oh the joy.

This morning, Finn and I went down to the main room to play and left dad upstairs in the bathroom to get ready for the day. This is our normal routine. Finn, however, wasn't through spending time with Mr. F., because not five minutes after I had put him down to play, he heads for the stairs. The boy had a mission. He climbed the stairs with purpose, pushed through the gate at the top of the stairs (which was not latched), crawled through the master bedroom to the bathroom door, and entered the master bath. Surprise dad! Guess who is interested in watching you get ready.

I am feeling the shift in power. No longer am in control. The little dictator is growing up and is exerting his will. Before, I could physically restrain him.....because he couldn't move. I no longer have that luxury.

Discovering Drawers

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Jaimee said...

Time to move everything valuable and breakable! We pretty much just create an environment where he can do whatever with minimal supervision. The problem is when someone forgets to close the bathroom door and his 6th sense tells him a toilet is within reach. That and the dishwasher that doesn't lock.


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