Friday, February 25, 2011

Feisty Is The New Frisky

Scene: The household of Lady Susan and Mr. F.

Mr. F. is cooking dinner in the kitchen.  Lady Susan enters.  She notices that Mr. F. is wearing a pair of jeans that makes his bottom look particularly cute and squeezable.  Acting on impulse, she makes a grab for his tush.  While doing so, she thinks about how enjoyable it is to grab boys' bums (if Finn’s and Mr. F.’s bums are any indication), and it is a good thing she discovered this proclivity after getting married rather than before as it could have landed her into a lot of trouble.

Mr. F.: surprised  What are you doing?

Lady Susan searches for the right word to describe her actions.  She knows it starts with an F......

Lady Susan: I am being feisty.

Mr. F.:  looking incredulously Feisty?  Don’t you mean frisky.

“Oh dear,” thinks Lady Susan.  It has been so long that she no longer has the ready words to describe such behavior.  She, however, decides to toss the baby out with the bathwater and just go with it.

Lady Susan:
Yup.  Feisty.  I know why you are confused--normally I am frisky.  Today, however, I am feeling feeling feisty.

Lady Susan looks at Mr. F. as he, no doubt, thinks back on the previous weeks’ and months’ interactions which comprise the type of interactions common among exhausted parents of an energetic and willful yearling.  

Mr. F.:  Ahh.  That explains things.  I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean.  You have been acting feisty when you meant to be frisky and vice versa.

Lady Susan:  I do believe you are right.  How silly of me.  And how confused you must have been thinking I was upset when in fact I just wanted to make romantic advances.

Mr. F.: You know, this would make a great post if it didn’t border on being inappropriate.

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Jaimee said...

Hahahahaha!! Way to publish the near inappropriate! :)


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