Saturday, January 1, 2011

9 Months

But what happened at 8 months?  Well, at 8 months, Finn started the 8 month sleep regression.  Which meant that he was waking up a lot more at nights.  It became a lovely game of sleep roulette.  How many consecutive hours of sleep will I get?  If I was lucky (I mean really, really lucky),  I would get five hours straight.  But those were (and are) really rare nights.  More often, I am tortured with two or three hours between wakings.....all night long.  So, I started going to bed at 7:30 with the idea that over 11 hours, I might piece together enough sleep so that I don't start planning the demise of my nearest and dearest. 

Which brings us to.....

9 months

After a brief (very brief) reprieve, we have started teething!  Again!  This time, we are working on our molars.  And suddenly, we understand the use of teething toys.  When Finn started teething at the ridiculously early age of 4 months, he didn't really understand the concept of teething toys.  His motor control was not developed enough to really take advantage of them.  Now however, they have become wonderful inventions.  Unfortunately, most of them are made to help babies cut through the front teeth, and we are SO beyond that.  We have found a couple that work.  What works wonders is actually an infant tooth brush because he can really jab that brush back in his mouth and work those back gums.  And the drool!  Did I mention the drool?  Because it is out of control.  I have taken to putting bibs back on him because in 5 minutes flat his front will be completely saturated to the point of extreme grossness.  And this is his mother who is speaking.  I am pretty immune to most of his bodily fluids at this point.  I am really looking forward to months of this, because that is how long it takes for the bleepity bleep bleep molars to cut through.

Finn is currently moving, and shaking, and developing his keen radar for all things Not Baby Friendly.  Plastic bags that could cause a suffocation and chocking hazard?  Check.  Cords and electrical outlets?  Check.  Pulling himself up on anything remotely unstable?  Check.  How do babies do this?  And why can't he play with his perfectly good and baby friendly toys? 

One of the favorite things right now?  (And I am taking a break from being sarcastic here and am completely serious.)  Is his ability to make up games for us to play.  Usually it takes me a couple of moments to catch on to the fact that We Are Playing A Game and not casually interacting.  For example, we have this game we play at the dinner table.  Finn is sitting at his high chair and I am at the place setting next to him.  I will be eating, and he will be playing with his toys.  He will reach over and grab my shirt near my elbow and pull.  I fall over.  He pushes me back.  We repeat this until I disengage to eat a couple of more bites.  We start again.  Mr. F. and I have often have to clue the other person in as to what the new games are so that Finn doesn't get frustrated when the other parent is obviously Not Playing By The Rules.       

On Christmas, Finn gave me the Best Christmas Present Ever!  Finn was playing with his Grandma, aunts, uncles, etc.  However, when I walked into the room, Finn, with clear and obvious intent, reached out for me and said "mama."  It is his very first word.  My heart busted open with joy and pride in my obviously gifted and intelligent son.  I might have even put his life in jeopardy by smothering him with kisses, hugs, and other signs of affection. 

Currently, Finn is fighting off some sort of plague that he contracted while we traveled for the Holidays.  He is currently in the throws of The Phlegm, and it is threatening to suffocate him.  It is so sad.  I would really like to take a strong vacuum (perhaps something like they have at the dentist's office) and suck out every yellowy globby mucusy bit from his respiratory tract.  As it is, all I can do is to keep the humidifier on, the saline flowin' down his nose, and my nasal aspirator at the ready.  I really hope the little tyke gets better soon!

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Janssen said...

I just discovered a tiny tooth nub this evening. I fear for the future.


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