Monday, December 20, 2010

The Year in Review

We didn't send out Christmas cards this year, or even a Christmas email/newsletter.  I figure most people I would send cards to already read this blog and what more information do you want?  However, Mr. F.'s grandparents (who are the cutest grandparents ever and whom I have adopted) sent out a Christmas letter this year.  In it, they wanted to include messages from a grandchild from each of their seven kids.  So yeah, that happens to be Mr. F.

But of course Mr. F. told me this sort of last minute and during a time of extreme sleep deprivation. (what other time is there?)  This led to a slight panic attack on my part because, "Oh my gosh!  I have to think of a creative way to sum up our entire year and what did we even do this year besides have a baby and then never sleep again?!"  So, I pulled a blogging classic--the number post: where you describe the event using numbers that may or may not be accurate. 

So, since I have it already whipped up, I will share it with you.

Our Year in Numbers

1/4: The number of local cows frozen in our freezer we have been enjoying this year.

1: The number of recent additions to our family: Finn.  One new publication of Lady Susan’s thesis work*.

2: Two exhausted parents and too many sleepless nights.

3: The size of our current family.  Also the number of allergy shots Mr. F. gets every week.

4: The number of appendages with which Finn uses to move across the floor and to scale furniture.  The number of weeks a month Lady Susan teaches Gospel Doctrine (a church Sunday school class).

5: The maximum number of consecutive hours of sleep Lady Susan gets a night. (on a good night)

6: The number of professional opinions it took to determine if Lady Susan had Celiac disease (she does.)  No more wheat/gluten products for us!

7: The number of years Mr. F. has lived in (bleep!) and working at (bleep!).  (The last three have been the best.)

8: The number of teeth Finn uses to chew on everything except solid food.

9: The number of months Finn is old.

12: The number of campouts Scoutmaster Mr. F. schedules in a year.

794: The number of photos taken of Finn.

Unknown: The number of cloth diapers changed and washed.

*So do you remember this post?  My advisor did actually agree to make the revisions.  It is the only reason that my thesis work will be published in a peer-reviewed journal.  Because if left to me, the manuscript would still be moldering in my inbox.  I was in no state whatsoever to even tackle the easiest of revisions.  I now feel like my thesis work has been validated.  

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