Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In which I belatedly talk about last week and Thanksgiving.

  • We hosted Thanksgiving Dinner which was fun but required a whole lot of work.  I now have a new appreciation for my sister who has hosted twice the amount of people for Thanksgiving and Christmas for the past 5 years or so.  I also peeked into the future and saw what life would be like with 3 kids.  I was very scared.  It was also completely gluten-free, which wasn't that life-changing.  We just omitted the stuffing and the lovely buttery rolls which is sad and tragic, but life went on and the rest of the food was quite good and lovely. 
  • Right after guests left, I came down with a lovely case of mastitis.  Monday saw me shivering uncontrollably with a 101.8 fever.  I remembered how much it sucked to have a fever.  Add to that, I realized that despite me dying of the plague, I still had to take care of Finn who had no concept of the phrase "mom is out of commission."  Also, nursing and Mastitis?  Don't really go well together.  Just so you know.
  • Antibiotics kicked in right at the same time that Finn decided to Reverse Cycle.  Do you know about Reverse Cycling?  I was only just introduced to the concept a few weeks previously in an Office episode.  It basically means that Finn decided that I was a All Night All You Can Eat Buffet and he was stocking up like morning would never happen.  Which meant waking up Every. Single. Hour. between 1 and 6.  Please shoot me now.
  • And Finn's mind basically exploded.  Which might explain the All Night Feedings.  Because all of a sudden he decided to start attempting to crawl on hands and knees, pull himself up on furniture, walk along said furniture, and add a dozen or so different sounds to his repertoire.  I mean, he is basically talking.  Only speaking in a language completely foreign to man.
So yeah.  Last week was crazy in a surreal, let's not ever do that again, sort of way.  Only, the thing is, this week seems to be competing for the title of Crazy Week.  Maybe I will have time to write about it.  But maybe not.  If it comes down to writing and getting more than two hours of consecutive sleep, I am going to take the sleep.

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Jaimee said...

So sorry about the mastitis! I've had clogged ducts twice and that was bad enough. I hear mastitis is just horrible.

As for reverse cycling, it's possible that Finn was trying to help you out. Mastitis can't clear if the ducts aren't emptied regularly and fully. Of course, doing it at night isn't as helpful... We go through this with every illness, teething, and milestone.

Speaking of milestones, congrats on the cruising and "talking." :) Those are fun stages. Pretty soon you'll have a toddler! Austin's new favorite past time is pushing various items around the house like walkers. Chairs, laundry baskets, toys, etc. It's pretty cute.

Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better- at least from the mastitis. I hope that you are getting a bit more sleep and that Crazy Week is over for now. :)


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