Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Blame the Father

Currently, I tend to Finn's nighttime wakings.  That is my present reality until Finn night-weans (at which point you can bet that I will be cashing in on all of Mr. F.'s uninterrupted sleep time.)  This means I am up at all times of the night.  Each night it is different.  Finn's sleep mode is set on Completely Random, so I never know if I will be up in an hour or five.  It is its own unique type of torture.

And you know, I am sort of o.k. with patchwork-style of sleep I've been getting, except for one thing: Mr. F. is not taking advantage of it.

Take last night.  For the first two wakings of the night I am dragged out of a near death-like sleep to take care of my fussing babe only to find Mr. F. bright-eyed and bushy-tailed next to me playing a game on the ipod. 

"I can't sleep," he says.

I spent the next 30-40 minutes trying to put Finn back to sleep, silently (because I wouldn't! want! to! wake! the! baby!) fuming that I was waking up at all hours of the night so that Mr. F. could get a decent night's rest, and he wasn't even taking advantage of it!  (My wrath really does have no bounds on patchy and insufficient sleep.)

Granted, it wasn't from lack of trying on Mr. F.'s part.  He has a difficult time sleeping.  He needs dim lights, quiet sounds, Saturn and Mars have to align themselves on the horizon, etc. etc.  Last night was particularly bad because he was hopped up on allergy and headache medications due to an unfortunate reaction to his allergy shots.  I, on the other hand, have no problem sleeping.  I have always been a champion sleeper--my one, true natural ability. 

But guess who Finn takes after in the family in regards to sleep? 

Not me.

I am thinking that the two nightwakers should get together and have their midnight play sessions, while the person who truly appreciates sleep (me), gets a decent night's rest.


Sarah said...

I love reading the thing you write - writing just might be another of your true natural abilities :). I have felt that pain of sleep deprivation. After a while my supreme goal was to pump enough milk to make it possible for someone else to feed the baby at night. Unfortunately, I was never much good at pumping so it didn't really pan out. I can say that it does pass though. Two of my kids have come to see the light and I have to practically dress them in their sleep and carry their limp bodies to the breakfast table - just the way normal people should behave. Hang in there!

Angela said...

Sound kind of like Kevin and I. I can fall asleep easily almost every night and he on the other hand does not.


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