Monday, November 22, 2010

In which I wonder who has more of a life

I like staying in contact with people--preferably through virtual and written means of communication although when pressed, I can use the phone.  I think I make it very easy for people to find out what is going on in my life and to provide opportunities for them to interact with me (again we are talking virtual here.  My social life or lack there of will be a commentary for another day.)  However, keeping in touch is sort of a two way road.  Facebook is really only a good social network if your friends are, you know, social.  Some of my friends actively use the site and it has been really great to see snippets of their daily lives via status updates, photos, etc.  Other friends never venture on (or if they do, you can't tell because they don't change anything, etc.)  This really isn't a big deal in regards to those "friends" from high school that were really never friends in the first place, but it is kind of frustrating when the people that you really do want to keep in contact are silent.

In my perfect world, all my friends would be active in the following three sites:

Facebook/Personal Blog:  I can understand if you have some sort of moral code that prevents you from using Facebook.  If that is the case, I applaud you.  But if you aren't using Facebook, you should keep a personal blog so that I can find out things like whether your son wakes up early from his nap by his need to expel a giant poo.  (Which just happens to by my status update as I type this.)  Knowing these kind of details helps me feel closer to you.

Flickr:  This is necessary if you are not putting all of your pictures up on Facebook/your personal blog.  Pictures help bridge the geographical divide.  I helps me pretend that I am with you on your fabulous trip to France when in reality, I am stuck at home with a fussy baby.  I guess another photo account would work as well.  But all the cool people use Flickr.  

Goodreads: Honestly, this is why I am writing this whole post.  I want everyone of my friends to 1) be on Goodreads and 2) actively use it.  What do friends talk about?  Good books.  I want to know what people are reading and if they thought it was any good.  I keep trying to find friends via the friend finder on Goodreads and it comes up with this really dinky list.  Most of the people it suggests are rather obscure acquaintances from church.

So here I am, ranting and raving about how no one keeps in touch, when I know that the majority of people not using these sites are spending time with their family instead.  Not that I am ignoring mine but.....It sort of makes me wonder who is the better off here.  Perhaps while I was updating my blog, my flickr photostream, my facebook status, etc., I could have been kayaking (would need to buy kayak), or engaging in other memory making activities.  (Crafts! Parks! Picnics!)


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Jaimee said...

Well, since I basically troll the internet sporadically all day long while I'm nursing my baby or holding my sick, sleeping baby, I am totally in your camp! I hate the phone and if you don't email I think there is something wrong with you. Flickr is definitely where all the cool people are and I need to hear snippets of your daily life on FaceBook. Blogs are great, so are Yahoo Groups. Am I on Goodreads? Yep, I'm there, too (but I admit I hardly have time to read actual books these days as it frustrates me to no end to read 1 page and then have to put it down). So, yes, I am ONLINE and I still make it to the park, playdates, and family outings. Never fear- you have a life, you're just generously using some of your precious free time time to include others in it! :)


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