Friday, November 5, 2010


Greetings from the nursery room chair. I am being held captive by a sleeping babe. Lately, Finn has taken to waking up after a brief nap. If I go in and nurse him, I can sometimes squeak out another hour. Sometimes I am successful in laying him back down, but other times he will sleep only if being held. I guess you could call me a sleep enabler.

This system however, is not very conducive to me catching up on sleep. The current chair occupying the nursery leaves much to be desired in terms of comfort. I think an alternative will need to be discussed soon. Otherwise I fear permanent repercussions to my spine that no amount of yoga will resolve.

-posted from the itouch. Please excuse any typos.

1 comment:

Washington Hills said...

I say, enjoy it. For what it's worth. Off the subject, I love the name Finn. PLEASE tell me you've seen Waking Ned Divine with Maggie and Finn and all those wonderful conversations - "I've been using the fruity soaps!"


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