Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another First

Last week for a few days, the stars all magically aligned and for the first time in what felt like forever, life was really good.  Finn was the perfect baby.  Really he was.  He was sleeping at night, napping during the day, and being so sweet and cute while awake.  He was in other words Not Teething.  I kept thinking, "I need to post about how I have the most wonderful, sweetest baby in the whole world."  Lately the blog has been capturing the really tough moments, and I wanted to be reminded about the good times too.

This however, is not really going to be that post.  (Although let the record show, there was a good moment when all was well and I thought about having 20 lovely babies.)

Shortly after aforementioned perfect moment, Finn started getting fussy.  He started waking up a lot at nights, and pulling on his ear more the usual.  I took him to the doctor to get checked out for an ear infection.  He was "good to go."  A few days later, it became apparent that Finn had a full-fledged cold.  Snot started running out of his nose, he became congested, etc, etc.

I had thought that Finn might have had colds before.  I was wrong.  This was a cold.  And do you know what?  I had no idea how to help him.  This is the thing with motherhood.  They send you home with these babies with the expectation that you have some sort of knowledge base from which you can draw in order to take care of them.  Luckily it wasn't a very serious cold.  Finn managed pretty well to keep himself alive as I learned that 1) bulb aspirators suck 2) saline nasal drops are necessary and 3) nasal drops in combination with the NoseFrida is pretty much the bees knees.  Oh, and I can give my kid Motrin for a cold--it isn't apparently just for teething.  Check.  I think I know can put on my Motherhood Resume "knows how to take care of baby with common cold."

I can tell you right now, I am not really excited about filling out the rest of the resume.

When Finn first started showing signs of sickness, I had the thought, "well maybe we will all get some rest then."  This was based on the faulty assumption that all babies sleep more when they are sick.  (Excuse me while I indulge in a chuckle.)  This assumption loosely came from an experience with my nephew, M, around Christmas one year.  M was what you would characterize as an active, spirited, high-needs baby.  He was never what you would call "restful."  However, once Christmas, he had a cold.  Besides the fact that it was super sad to hear a congested baby, it was also a really great Christmas.  We spent three to four days eating, sleeping, and watching movies.  It was the one time that M was content to just cuddle and sleep and quietly play.  It was bliss.  This was why I was thinking, "well it sort of sucks that everyone has colds, but perhaps the ONE bright side is that we will be able to cuddle as a family and be generally lazy."


That little day dream didn't happen.  That whole scenario was based on A Completely Different Child.  One that I don't have.  Finn, like his father, is incapable of sleeping well when sick.  What is wrong with these people?!


Good news: it appears that both Finn and Mr. F. are on the mend.  I, however, am valiantly trying to fend off whatever they had.  Because I can tell you this much, no one is going to spend hours a day rocking ME to sleep and making sure I get enough liquids.  No sir.  Mom is going to be left high and dry if she gets sick.   


Janssen said...

So unfair, isn't it?

Jaimee said...

That is that the truth! Mom gets to take care of everyone else while they are sick, but mom is still on 24-7 duty when she is sick. Sucks. This is another one of the big things they don't tell you! If your baby gets sick first then a series of unfortunate events starts to unfold: baby wants to be close to you at all times, baby doesn't sleep therefore you don't sleep, baby snots and sneezes all over you, and neither you nor baby have specific immunity to the illness so you get sick next. This happened to me eight, yes 8, EIGHT times between November and March the winter before Avalon turned two. It was HELL. My advice to you: bust out the Neti pot once or twice a day, gargle with mouthwash, and dose up on calcium ascorbate (try 1-4g per day!) and elderberry syrup (both safe to take while breastfeeding). Mom doesn't get to stay home from work, take naps when she needs to, or drug herself on cold medicine to sleep through the night. Nope, another reality of motherhood. But, I say, it's also an excuse to stay in your pajamas, turn on your favorite movies, and veg out as much as possible! :)

Hizzeather said...

Awwww! Hope you don't get sick! Guzzle Emergen-C...that always helps us fight stuff. :)


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