Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just looking at it makes my bottom hurt.

Mr. F. and I watched Babies last night.  Very cute.  Since having a baby, I have become a baby junkie.  Babies are so much cuter now in the context of having one myself.  Anyway, there is a scene in the movie where the Mongolian baby is playing with a roll of toilet paper.  He plays very similarly with it to how an American baby would play with a roll of toilet paper.  However, you might not recognize it as toilet paper because it looks like this:

I however, am intimately familiar with that particular kind of toilet paper because it is what I used for a year and a half when I lived in Ukraine.  You see, I served a mission for my church in Ukraine right after college.  My first companion (on a mission you have a sort of “buddy system” which means you are with another person of the same sex 24/7) was from a family of 11 from Enterprise, Utah.  I guess she was accustomed to practicing the very strictest of economy--so even though we could afford “western style” toilet paper, she instead chose to buy the “native” stuff for about 25 kopeg (which translated to about 5 cents at the time.)  Old women would sell it on street corners, and we would pick up a roll or two on our way home if we were in need.  For the longest time, I didn’t even know that you could buy “normal” toilet paper.  It wasn’t until I talked to other missionaries whose companions were less cut-throat cheapskates that I discovered one could purchase fluffy rolls at actual grocery stores--(which we never went to either, since my companion insisted on going to the outdoor markets instead).  By that time though, my bum had already toughened up, and it seemed a mute point.

I am glad though that I don’t have to use it now.  Since having a baby, my wee bum (or not so wee) has become a lot more sensitive.  This--after six months of actually having a child with everything more or less back to normal.  I don’t want to think about post-natal bottom care with a roll of that being your only option.  *shudder*

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