Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 Months

I always found these sort of posts kind of boring.  "Blah, blah, blah, Baby used the potty this month, blah, blah, blah"  In the back of my mind I am thinking, "I am not really interested in the fact that your kid recognized the color yellow this month."  So, I totally understand if you just glaze over this post in your reader.

But as this blog is really the only journal I keep these days, I do want some sort of record of what sort of progress little Finn is making if only to torture my future self as I look back and think, "Man, I had it so easy then.  What was my problem?"

I feel like this month has been a doozy.  Teeth 5 and 6 came in and they came in with a vengeance.  Seriously.  Prior to having a child when parents said things like "Oh, Baby is teething," all I had in mind was that the child drooled and chomped on things a lot.  What I did not have in mind was the nine circles of Dante's inferno to which I have visited.  I ended up relying a lot on Motrin and then felt extremely guilty about doing so.  "I am drugging my baby!" I thought as I gave him a quarter of his daily dose right before bed.  However, it was either that or my sanity so.....  Even with the Motrin there were some nights where I was up multiple times.  It was a flashback to when Finn was a newborn except now I don't have naps during the day to catch up on sleep because.......

....someone has decided that he only needs one decent nap a day.  Oh, how I mourn that second good nap.  One nap is approximately 1 1/2 hours while the other is 20 minutes.  It's a crap shoot as to which nap is which.  (I guess I shouldn't really begrudge the 20 minutes as it is still long enough for me to grab a shower.)

And if all this isn't So Much Fun! We also have a new development of Separation Anxiety.  Usually this just means that the child wants you in the same room.  However, Finn seems to think that ANY separation is cause for anxiety.  We must be Attached At The Hip!  I put him down and even though I am in the SAME ROOM and most of the time RIGHT NEXT TO HIM, he acts like I have abandoned him in the Sahara desert without any food or water.  Which, you know, is *so sweet* for, like, five minutes.  Because now I have a cranky, teething baby attached to me at all times.   

With the new found teeth, Finn also has a new game.  (Not biting, although he does like to do a lot of that).  It is called "grinding these new teeth of mine down to smooth little nubs."  The soundtrack goes something like, *screech, grind, screech, grind*  I am totally blaming Mr. F. on this one.  Supposedly he did it too right when he started teething.  (And never really stopped if his crowns are any indication.)
I think some good things happened too, but the part of my mind that records warm fuzzy, happy memories has short circuited due to lack of sleep.

Now I question the logic of wanting to record this.  These are the sort of details you want to forget as a parent--especially if you are thinking about having more than one.

I am a little man


yola said...

I love hearing about children's new quirks and abilities. Didn't you say that he's scooting now too? This photo is absolutely adorable! Big XO from Auntie Y.

Washington Hills said...

I didn't glaze, wink. And I use my blog as my only journal (I guess I could count the baby books, too.) so I say blah-blah-blah away.

And he is SO sweet, Lady Sue!

Jaimee said...

While some people's milestone updates might be boring yours always have a comic tone that makes reading quite enjoyable. Besides any new parents out there would benefit from hearing what teething *really* means! How's EC going, by the way?

Jaimee said...

You probably think I'm stalking you at this point with my numerous comments and all, but actually I am similarly trapped on my couch with a snotty, coughing, sleeping baby! LOL! :) I just wanted to add that when Austin wakes prematurely from a nap it is almost always because he needs to pee. I potty him and nurse/cuddle him back to sleep and he'll usually stay down another 30-60 minutes! Something to try since you're ECing. :)


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