Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6 Months

Weight: 17 lbs 12 oz (can we just round that up to 18?)--60th percentile

Height: 28”--90th percentile

Head Circumference: 18”--90th percentile

Nicknames: We are trying really hard to call you by your actual name so that you recognize it as such.  That being said, you are our Little Guy.

Temperament: You are happy as long as you are well rested.  But then so are mommy and daddy.  Within the last month or two you have become Unsure about New People.  You start crying your unhappy cry and need to be consoled by mom.  Luckily, this passes within a few minutes once you’ve had time to Assess the Situation.  Mom still needs to get out and about more though so that you don’t view New People as Frightfully Scary.

Some sounds and motions you make:  You have been making the most interesting noises.  Slightly hissing, rolling of tongue, buzzing of lips, spewing of spit.  They are So Entertaining to you..all these sounds you can make with your mouth.

At 5 months, you learned to roll over.  Now, you are desperately trying to crawl.  Currently you think crawling involves smashing your face in the floor and plowing forward with your feet and pulling with your hands.  However, you have started hanging out on your hands and knees lately, so I think you will soon master the mechanics.  In the meantime, you pivot like a pro. 

Your Likes and Dislikes: You love to play music on your exersaucer and have mommy dance around--you, great puppet master, you.  “Dance you minions!  Dance!”  You also appear to be quite fascinated by the TV--especially cooking shows (how can I blame you?)  It is a very good thing that we have moved it downstairs and out of our main room.  You get glimpses of it only when mom is folding the laundry.  You dislike being bored.  And not being mobile. 

Favorite Games:  You love to play peek-a-boo.  Although we aren’t really hiding.  We are just moving from your frame of vision.  But then you find us again and laugh like it is The Greatest Thing Ever.  You have ticklish teeny tinies.  I love to tickle them.  Your newest game is to flip while we are changing your diaper.  This is Not So Fun.  Mommy does not like this game.  Please Stop.

Item/Toy We Love The Most: The Ergo.  Seriously.  The Best Teether Ever.  I actually bought the teething straps that Velcro on--something I thought was pretty ridiculous when I saw them.  Little did I know.  It is either that or washing the Ergo every day or having soggy straps to attract mildew.  It is also the only way that the bathrooms get clean or the laundry gets done.  You prefer the front carry but are getting used to being a monkey on my back as well.

Things you are learning to do:  You are learning to sleep without a swaddle.  This was after you  were flipping over Every Single Time you were put down to sleep while you were wrapped up like a mummy.  It appears as though you were making your sleep preference known.  Mom has learned that if she puts you down on your side or stomach, you don’t complain too much.  There was only one rough day as you got used sleeping without the swaddle.  Now, it doesn’t seem to be much of an issue.  Phew! 

It is also about mobility these days.  Right now you are doing a version of the commando crawl towards me.  You seem ridiculously pleased with yourself.

Don't you just love how his hands rest on the table.  Man, this little guy kills me.
So, in regards to Baby F's name.  I was debating between Finn and Felix.  Which of the two fits better?


Janssen said...

I vote for Finn. For some reason, I love that name.

heidikins said...

I like the name Finn as well. And I love this post.



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