Thursday, September 2, 2010

In which I bore you with my schedule

"um" *knocks on mike* "does this thing work?" *tap, tap, tap*

I have been wanting to write, but when I try to think of something witty, enlightening, moderately entertaining, or interesting nothing comes to mind.  I think the monotony of my everyday schedule creates mental wasteland where nothing creative grows.  Being interesting is just sooo exhausting. 

My Schedule

6-7: wake to the grunting sounds of baby who is UP!  "Mom?!!  Come and get me mom!  I don't care that your body is as heavy and unresponsive as massive boulder.  Mom!!  I don't care that it is still pitch black in my room, I know that it is MORNING TIME!"

7-9ish: if the day is a good day and I don't completely feel like death warmed over, I plot Baby F. in the BOB and go for a run.  And by run, I really mean a measly one mile shuffle as I try to convince my stretched-out hip-flexors and my creaky knees to get back into the groove.  Then we come home and I plot baby down on the playmat to cavort while I stretch and read email, etc. 

9-11ish: is ready for a nap.  I go take a shower, eat breakfast, and decide how productive I want to be that day.  Which is usually when my mind gives me the equivalent of the blue screen of death.  Productive?  What does that even mean?

11-1ish: Baby is UP!  And ready to play again.  If it is Wednesday, this is the time when I try to make it to the last hour of either playgroup or the mother's breastfeeding group.  Otherwise, I play with baby on the mat, and then put him in the carrier and attempt to keep the filthiness at bay by attempting to straighten the house, do laundry, clean up the kitchen, etc.  If you saw my house, you would say the effort was indeed futile.  Not long into this process, baby starts indicating that it is close to.....

1-3ish: Nap time!  Baby goes down for a nap, I get lunch, and then I start eyeing the couch and how comfy it looks.  Perhaps a brief nap?

3-6ish: The longest stretch of the day because baby isn't going to go down again until it is bedtime, even though he will be tired.  Here I go into survival mode, waiting until Mr. F. comes home, and he can help entertain the baby, who by this time, is tired of mom.  Here I try to get stuff done like work on dinner, finish up other jobs I have started, but it is all punctuated by cries indicating that Baby Is Bored and wants to try Something Else, preferably while mommy is holding him. 

6-7: I try to put little guy to bed.  This can be a lengthy process depending on whatever developmental milestone Baby F. is currently working on.  Baby F. sometimes has a hard time Shutting Off and just sleeping already.

7-8:30: Mr. F. and I eat dinner, maybe watch an hour of something, and then it is off to bed.  We like our sleep around here and the morning comes too soon. 

Writing it down, it sounds like I should have Large Chunks of Time in which to do things.  And perhaps I do, but when I think about starting any one project, I think "but I only have a half hour before baby wakes up," and it doesn't seem worth it.  Or I think, "but that just seems like so much effort."  And effort and I are not friends these days. 

Any ideas out there about how to get motivated?  Especially when you day is broken up into little chunks of opportunity? 


Janssen said...

Oh man, I'm living for the naps these days.

Janssen said...

Also I discovered this morning that inviting your grandparents to come to dinner after they arrive in town will really motivate you to FINALLY dust and vacuum after meaning to do it for two weeks.

Jaimee said...

Well, you already know about my chore schedule. But, this same concept could be applied to anything. I find small, manageable tasks are key and so is planning. If I plan to do something in advance, I am much more likely to do it. So, if I plan at the first opportunity to put in laundry, make bread dough, wash the floors, or weed the garden as soon as baby goes down for a nap I race to accomplish the task. Usually said task (if appropriately small enough) takes surprisingly little time and then I have what feels like FREE TIME. I sit to read 5 pages of my book or grab a snack and I feel quite accomplished.

Have you met any like-minded mamas at your playgroup or breastfeeding group? If so, you could try setting up a time exchange. This is where your friend and her child come over and entertain your child while you get something done for say one to two hours. You're around if needed, but out of sight to avoid the "I want mommy" issue. You start off with in home tasks and graduate to running out the door (errands, appointments, literally running sans BOB)as baby becomes more comfortable. Then on another day you entertain her child at her house. Repeat weekly. Add another mom to the mix to help with the sudden cancellation problem that will cause the exchange to fall apart all too often.

Hizzeather said...

Wow. I can't really help you, as I can't fully comprehend, but it will maybe help you to know that I will not complain anymore about how I never have time to finish anything. :)

Washington Hills said...

Lady Susan, I love reading your posts! Just had to say...


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