Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Single Mom Mind Dump

Mr. F. has been away on a scout backpacking trip for the past couple of days.  I use the term “scouts” loosely----very loosely.  The two “scouts” who went with him had to be all but hog-tied to the top of the car by their parents in order for them to go.  Because, as you know, backpacking in one of the Nation’s national forests = LAME.  They would rather be home playing video games and eating processed cheese in all of its many forms.  One boy didn’t want to go because, and I kid you not, he didn’t “want to wake up early.”  Early being any time before noon.  Anyway, I could write about how the youth in our particular ward make me want to weep for the future, but that isn’t really the focus of this post (although this post doesn’t really have much of a focus.)  

Anyhoo, while Mr. F. has been away, I have regressed to single-life behavior.  Behavior that would cause Mr. F. to shake his head.  Behavior that doesn’t exactly fly when he is around, if you get my drift.

I have:

1) been keeping the blinds open at night.  Except for the ones that he would really like to have open during the day, and those I keep closed all the time.


o.k. that isn’t much of a list.  I thought I had more scandalous things to type, but I don’t.  Turns out that looking after a 5 month old 24/7 doesn’t lead to much scandalous behavior. 

In other news:

My attempt to put Baby F. down last night unswaddled was a massive FAIL.  He has been getting more and more expert at breaking out of the straight-jacket of a swaddle in which I bind him, so I thought he might be ready.  I put him in a sleep sack with his arms tucked in and started the going to bed process.  He fell asleep nursing as normal, but once I put him down into the crib he woke up and found that he was PRACTICALLY FREE!  This led to a half an hour of excited hand noshing and yes, BOUNDING, in which I thought he might throw himself over the walls if left too long to his devices.  Needless to say, the boy was getting entirely too stimulated for a baby who was supposed to be sleeping.  So, being the big, mean parent that I am, I took him out of his freedom sack and placed him back into his bindings.  It then took an hour to calm the little rascal down so that he would FALL ASLEEP ALREADY.

Let it be recorded that messing with a sleep schedule is a bad idea when you have no back up.  Because honestly, why should you be the only one loosing sleep?  This is the type of pain that should be shared. 

End of rambling post

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