Monday, July 26, 2010

This might change things

“You would know if you were celiac,” said the nurse practitioner as she looked over my lab results.  “These results are inconclusive.  They state that you have the antibodies, but they aren’t super high.”

I looked at her and back at the results confused.  According to lab results, it looked like for at least two of the three antibodies tested I was well out of the “normal” ranges.

“You can have the antibodies, but not the disease.  Like for Lupus,”  she continued.

My thought?  I am glad I don’t have Lupus to test this crackpot theory.

“What we will do is shelve this for now and once you have the baby and have stopped breast feeding at 6 months, then we can schedule a colonoscopy to determine for sure.”

I stopped listening.  Any medical professional who suggests an invasive procedure involving the wrong body part (colon versus small bowel), is not to be trusted in my book.  (Not to mention the assumption that I would stop breast feeding at 6 months).

I did decide to shelve the issue as I was 9 months pregnant at the time and had other pressing issues.  I also decided that I needed a new doctor pronto. 

Fast forward five months. 

Last week I had a dream.  In this dream I dreamt that I asked the medical professionals that I know and trust (my dad and my friend Dr. C. who is a pediatrician) whether they could interpret my blood test results.  The result was that I was celiac.

I woke up.  I looked at my lab results again.  And I had this feeling, a dreadful intuition, that my results indicated a positive result.  I decided to ask those who might be able to give me a straight answer.

My dad, being the responsible parent, told me to just buck up and make an appointment with the Gastroenterologist....which I did.  But the appointment was in a couple of weeks and I really wanted immediate answer to the question.  After all, it should be fairly clear from my blood tests.  I didn’t buy into this “inconclusive” mumbo jumbo.  So I asked Dr. C.--pediatrician on call for this household.  I figured a pediatrician would have to be familiar in interpreting these lab results as it is a disease that could cause a “failure to thrive” in children.

I sent her the results. 

She replied: “Your TTG is high which means you have celiac disease.”  Bada Bing, Bada Boom.  Not so inconclusive after all huh, Ms. Nurse Practitioner?

I am still keeping the GI appointment, but it is such a load off of the mind to know. 

Now, however, I feel like a bit of a celiac activist.  Everyone should get tested!  Especially those people who have family members who are celiac!  Because honestly, I would never have known otherwise.   I only got tested because my sister ended up having it.   In fact, I would have thought it hilarious if someone suggested to me that I had celiac.  I mean, I come from Mormon pioneer stock.  I grew up on whole wheat bread.  Bread made from freshly ground wheat compliments of our 30 year wheat storage.  The fact that I could be “allergic” to wheat was laughable.  Now, I just find it ironic.  Because guess what?  You can have celiac and not know.

Anyway, this might be a more frequent topic on this blog as I clear up some misconceptions that people have, and as I adapt to this new life cycle.  While I won’t necessarily stop baking, my baking will obviously forego a drastic change.  I probably will refrain from posting recipes on the blog as I don’t think my “audience” would necessarily benefit from them.  I am playing about with the idea of starting up a separate blog specific to my gluten-free baking adventures.  We will see.  Non-baked good recipes I will still post here as they can be easily converted one way or the other.


Janssen said...

Wow. I am fascinated by celiacs (really anything diet and nutrition related), so I'll be interested to hear about it. Good luck - you'll do great.

Carol said...

I don't know anyone better equipped to deal with celiac have a love of cooking and a curiosity that will still lead you to cooking paradise, even wheat free. :)

My mom has problems with gluten too, so if you need ideas on best rice pastas, tricks to baking muffins without wheat, etc etc let me know.

Washington Hills said...

I love reading your blog, Lady Susan! While I'm not thrilled for you that you have this, I'm with Carol - You will rock this thing!


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