Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mountains out of molehills

I had a hard time sleeping last night.  I kept dreaming about things that I needed to do.  Little things.  Things that should only take up small amounts of my time, yet I can't seem to get "with it" enough to actually accomplish the tasks.   Each day I wake up and I think to myself, "today I am going to do x,y, and z."  But then the day progresses, my stress increases, and I just can't bring myself to even think about x, y, and z let alone do them.

Do you want to know what x, y, and z are?

1. Return shoes that do not fit.  Free return.  All I have to do is print out the UPS label and drop the box off.
2. Return two diapers to get replacements.  Basically same procedure as above.
3. Email an gift card to a friend who had her baby two months ago.  I am embarrassed at how long this has taken me.  Especially once I made the decision to go with a emailed gift card rather than search for an actual gift.
4. Call to make a dental appointment.
5. Call to make a doctor's appointment.
6. Make revisions on thesis manuscript. 

O.k. so maybe number 6 isn't exactly "little."  But in comparison to actually writing the manuscript......

These items have been festering in the back of my mind for months now.  Months....not weeks.  I seriously can't explain why the idea of calling the dentist's stresses me out.  Or going to the post office for that matter.  But it does.  To the point where I just shelve the thought, to deal with at another place and another time.  Does anyone else do this?  Do other people have a hard time accomplishing the simplest of tasks?

Today though, I had a break through.  First, I successfully emailed the gift card to my friend.  Then I emailed my advisor and told him that there was little chance of me making the revisions to the manuscript in the allotted time and could we somehow work out a deal.  (I.e. could he make the revisions.)  I already feel a bit lighter.  Perhaps I will finally return those purchases this weekend.  And make those appointments. 

Or not.


Misty said...

I hate going to the Post Office. I avoid it at all costs. I have two things to mail that have been sitting here for ages.

Rebecca said...

This happens to me ALL the time. Although I did already send my diapers back :). Still have an extensive list though.

Stacey Smith said...

Know the feeling. I bet having just listed it all out is gonna get motivated to get you through the rest.

And will the advisor really do your revisions? :)

Sarah said...

I do the same thing, and then I'm always surprised how easy it was after I do it. But still, I'm almost guaranteed to put it off again the next time.

One trick I use for making appointments - if you remember it when they're closed, call anyway and leave a message. They they'll call YOU and you'll be scheduled in a jiff :)

Jaimee said...

This is me ALL the time! I think it's all part of being a parent. When you are in charge of taking care of another person night and day, the little things can feel over the top. But, I have to say, as soon as I tell myself, "just do it!" and I actually do it, I feel so much better and I realize that it's wasn't so hard. One thing leads to me doing another and so on. For the record, it did take me almost a year to make a dentist appointment here in Maryland and I have yet to make a doctor's appointment postpartum (LOL). But, I have made myself a daily cleaning schedule so that my toilets don't mold and my towels don't stink.


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