Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I think we have an infestation of small woolly mammals.  Because every morning when I am through with the shower this is what I see:

Obviously, a colony of small animals is living in my shower drain.  With each daily flood, a few perish--their bodies providing a barrier against the descending waters letting the remaining animals live another day.

Seriously though.  This is what my drain looks like after just one shower--not a week's collection.  This is pretty disturbing.  What is even more disturbing is that it isn't just coming out in the shower.  No, half a head's worth is coming out in my brush after my shower.  The other half is littering the floor of the bathroom as it spontaneously falls from my head.  Then we have my hair that seems to be drawn to Baby F.'s wet fists, and the remaining hair ending up in his diapers when we wash them.  (Yes, I must be Medusa because I just indicated that I had at least two head's worth of hair.  Then again, maybe I do.)

If I am loosing this much hair, why am I not bald?

I didn't think I would loose any baby hair (i.e. extra hair that you grow/conserve during your pregnancy) as I didn't think that I had gained any.  I guess that's the problem with thick hair--you can't really tell when there is more of it.  But grow it I did.  And it is all coming out right now.  So to you readers that or pregnant or just had your baby, you can expect to experience A Great Shedding around 2.5-3 months.  I would suggest getting your hair cut really short before then. 

Also, do you know how impossible it is to get an artistic picture of one's clogged up shower drain? 


Melanie said...

The verification word for this comment is "blegh" - how appropriate!

Good job with the artistic photo of a pretty gross subject. Also, your shower floor must be immaculate; it looks so white!

Janssen said...

My hair is not thick to begin with, so I really would be bald if I lost that much hair. Eek.

Jaimee said...

I found it artistic! LOL! Just a little warning for you... the shedding can last months. I think mine is slowing down now (at 6 months postpartum), but I've heard of others going until 9 months!

Jenna said...

I haven't noticed a difference in my hair loss yet, but I'm anticipating it will happen soon. Eeek!


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