Monday, May 24, 2010

Reason No. 213 to move to England

1.    To marry a charming English bloke with a divine accent.
38.     To acquire a divine English accent.
56.    To visit the Lake District, The Peaks, Bath, and all other Austen shrines.
132.    The voluntary recall of all artificial coloring and flavorings.
213.    The labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Not too long ago, Mr. F. and I watched “The Future of Food”--a film whose purpose is to explain why genetically modified food is of the devil and should be avoided like all other appearances of evil. 

At one stage of my life, I didn’t understand the hoopla behind GMOs.  I thought that it was similar to the breeding of certain characteristics.  (i.e. crossing a corn with sweet kernels with a strain of corn that was drought resistance to get a type of corn that is sweet AND drought resistance.)  Hadn’t that been going on for centuries?  What’s the big whoop?

What I didn’t understand was that instead of crossing two types of the same species.  What they were doing was akin to taking a fish gene, stuffing into the corn genome so that the corn could then grow underwater.  Or to take a less ridiculous example--taking a non-corn gene that conveys resistance to weed killer and introducing it (using viruses, bacteria and the like) into the corn genome so that your corn won’t be adversely affected to the gallons of Roundup that you spray on your field.

I mean, it is great to play God and all (“let’s see what crazy new species we can create”), but unlike God, we humans are not all-powerful.  We can’t prevent plants from doing their plant-thing--like pollinating with whatever random, compatible pollen that comes floating by which leads to contamination of your native plant species.  This could have really horrible consequences depending on what your mutant gene is (i.e. there is currently a suicide gene which prevents the plant from growing more than one season.  Wouldn’t that be lovely to have run rampant in the environment?)  Plus, more often than not, the people developing and introducing these GMOs to the American public have no idea of the potential long term health impacts.  Things like allergens, etc. are not even looked at before they are introduced en masse to the public.  Umm.  Great.  Thanks for not having my back there FDA.

So, once again, we have a documentary that shows that the people in charge of looking after the health of the American public are at best idiots, or at worst evil overlords who should be brought down ala Madame la Guillotine fashion. 


Melanie said...

#39 To put Baby F in an environment in which he will not only not ingest artificial coloring and flavors, bu the will also acquire a charming English accent.

Stacey Smith said...

Thank you for posting this. I went ahead and added this movie to my Blockbuster queue


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