Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I don't speak Car and Driver*"

This past Sunday Mr. F. and I were driving home from church, and we were behind a car like this:

It should be noted that my eyesight has never been the greatest.

Lady Susan: *looking at the car in front of her* I remember when Camero's were really cool.
Mr. F.: Um.....That is actually a Porsche.  But yeah, I remember when Camero's were cool.
Lady Susan: *laughs histerically at the fact that she can not tell the difference between a new Porsche Carrera and an 80's Chevy Camero.*

So readers, can you tell the difference?

*Bonus points for the person who can correctly identify the title quote.


Janssen said...

They DO look a lot a like.

And you know I can spot a Twilight quote a mile away :)

maurine said...

totally from twilight. and yes, i can tell a camaro from a carrera. both beautiful, especially in red. but you should have found a yellow turbo instead of a red one. :)

Anonymous said...

yes it is very easy but i speak car& driver

PS twilight pg276

im 13


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