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Cloth Dipering, Part II

 My friend has posted her DVD online!  This means that you don't have to wait for me to 1) burn the DVD and 2) rally myself to get to the post office.  You can find it here.  It is in 7 parts.  Let her know if you find it helpful.  Also, she is a great person to ask if you have any cloth diapering questions.

Let me state at the beginning, I am no cloth diapering expert.  However, I thought I would describe our system (as it seems to be working out for us so far) as an example of how one can successfully cloth diaper without much fuss.

The Diapers

We currently use BumGenius 3.0, One Size Fuzzibunz, and Fuzzibunz Perfect Size.  My diaper guru friend told me at the beginning to get an assortment of cloth diapers.  Initially, I didn’t want to.  I was under the impression (wrongly) that there one cloth diaper out there that was far superior than all the rest.  I would find that one diaper and use that alone.  I was also caught up on price.  It was cheaper per diaper to buy a large quantity of just one type. 

I would have to echo my friend’s advice.  Start by trying out a few different types.  All diapers work.  every type of diaper out there has it's fans.  There is no Holy Grail of Diapers.  Some type of diapers will work better for some stages and some babies.  Take my diapers for example:

BumGenius 3.0
: rather bulky on the smallest setting.  I don’t really like using it a lot during the day.  However, it is awesome at night because the insert is doubled at the place where my little pee-er needs it the most.  I don’t have any problems with them leaking at night.  Design-wise, I don’t really like the velcro (velcro does not really work well with poo.)  However, it is nice at night when I want the diaper change to be as quick as possible so that we can all go back to bed. 

One Size Fuzzibunz
: Much more trimmer than the BumGenius.  I really like using this during the day.  It works better under clothes, etc.  However, there has been a couple of times when it has leaked via the leg openings.  Normally, this isn’t an issue as I change the diaper every couple of hours during the day.  However, if it goes a little bit longer and he has been saving up......we have leakage.  Design-wise, I like snaps a whole lot more than velcro.  They hold up longer.

Fuzzibunz Perfect Size:  I really like these and might be getting more.  The crotch is wider than the One-size Fuzzibunz, so leakage isn’t as much of an issue.  It has the same benefit of the one-size in being trimmer than the BumGenius.  The down side of have to get different sizes as the baby grows.  This can vary from baby to baby as to when this happens.  You might never have to go up in size if your baby is rather slender and small, or you might have to go up to a large if you have a chunker.

As little Baby F. grows, these preferences might all change.  So the moral of this story is: get a few different types to try out.  Don’t get caught up on getting The One.

The Wipes

We use cloth wipes.  As my friend points out in her DVD, if you are already cloth diapering, using cloth wipes is a pretty small step to make.  You just stick them in the diaper pail with your used diapers and wash them all together.  Cloth wipes clean better, I feel, than the disposable wipes which just push stuff around.  Also, disposable wipes tend to be very wet which can exacerbate diaper rash.  I order mine from this woman.  I get flannel on one side and cotton sherpa or terry cloth on the other.  These materials tend to grip poo a bit better than something softer and smoother.  Cloth wipes are awesome!  (Is it odd to get excited about something like cloth wipes?)  We find that we use them for a lot of things other than wiping bums.  There are lots of different options out there and a lot of different places from which to order.  They are also really easy to make if you have a serger (which, I do not).

Some people will pre-moisten the wipes and have them on hand in a wipe container.  We keep ours dry and spray diaper spray on them and on the baby when we change diapers.  I use this kind of spray, although there are other options out there, or you can make your own.  (I recently read about this.  So, you might want to use something that does not have these essential oils in them if you are concerned.) 

The Dirty Diapers

When I change a diaper I will take out the insert and spray it and the diaper with Bac-out*.  This stuff is awesome.  It prevents both stains and smells, and is environmentally friendly.  I then put the diaper in the diaper pail which is a large kitchen trash can lined with a diaper pail liner.  You want a liner that is lined with PUL and has elastic at the top to stretch over the mouth of the pail.  We have two so that one is clean while the other is being washed with the dirty diapers.  The dirty diapers are supposed to be kept in a “dry” versus a “wet” pail.  If you talk to some “old school” cloth diaperers, they talk about keeping dirty diapers in a pail with bleach or cleaner of some sort.  Not the case with the newer cloth diapers.   I also have two smaller travel-sized zippered pouches for storing dirty cloth diapers when I am out of the house.


We have been washing ours every day, but the norm is to have enough diapers for an every other day wash.  (We have 18 diapers which might get us two days.  I would order a few more if you really wanted to do an every other day wash)  The diapers will come with specific directions on how to wash them.  However, I will tell you our method.  We have a Kenmore high efficiency, front-loaded washer.  We use one scoop of Charlie’s Soap* and and run a heavy duty wash with hot water with a pre-wash and an extra rinse.  So far, this has worked great, getting our diapers very clean.  I think once a month or so, I will wash them on a sanitary cycle.  

As an aside: I love Charlie’s soap.  We use it to wash everything.  It cleans great, has no fragrances, whiteners, additives, etc. and is really inexpensive--you only ever need to use one tablespoon.  It is also biodegradable.  Some people have had problems with it--we have not and Mr. F. has very sensitive skin.


We stick ours in the dryer on low.  Line drying is great if that is an option for you as the sun helps whiten the diapers.  

O.k.  I think that about does it.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and I will try to answer them.  Like I said, I am pretty new to this as well, but am loving it.

*We order these online since we can not find them locally.  If you have a health food store near by (i.e. Whole Foods, etc.) check there to see if they carry them.  Often they do.

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Jaimee said...

Great diaper posts! I really enjoyed reading your opinions and routines. I love hearing others echo just how easy and, dare I say it, fun? cloth diapering is! :) Thanks for posting the link to my youtube seminar. I'm happy to answer any questions your readers may have as well!


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