Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot Pocket!

Mr. F. is the scout leader for our ward.  This could be a very cool calling if A) we had a critical number of boys to overcome the initial inertia of teenage boys wanting to nothing besides sit on their bums and B) they liked to camp.  Unfortunately, our ward does not have the critical mass of boys nor do they like to camp.  Wait.  I should clarify.  They like the IDEA of camping, but not the actual planning and camping part.  (And then they complain about how they never DO anything.)

So, this month’s scout activities focus on cooking.  Mr. F., as you know, is awesome at cooking.  These boys have no idea how good they have it.  (See, I don’t understand these boys at all, because Mr. F. is an awesome person to go camping with.  He makes biscuits and gravy in the dutch oven from scratch.  Also rolls.  And any number of lovely things.)  Today Mr. F. made homemade pocket pies (after watching this episode of Alton Brown).  Some of the pies have pizza filling and others have chocolate.  Yumm.  So yumm that I convinced Mr. F. to leave me one so that I could partake of the pockety goodness too (a nice chocolaty one).  It was tasty.  I scarfed it down before it had a chance to cool and before I could take a picture of it.  (And it wasn’t very photogenic as the chocolate sort of poured out of it and made a mess.  Learn from my mistake and make sure you crimp it really well.)  I would recommend it.  It seamed to come together pretty quickly--although I wouldn’t really know since Mr. F. did all the work.  In any case, the end result is much better than anything you can buy at the store.

As Mr. F. was making the pocket pies, we had no end amusing ourselves with sing-songing “Hot Pockets” ala the comedy sketch below.  “Will it burn my mouth?--It will destroy your mouth.”  Unfortunately, this is true of the homemade ones as well, if you don’t take the time to let them cool. 

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MBC said...

Ah! I've been meaning to make pocket pies for weeks now, but I couldn't find a recipe I wanted to use. My husband is skeptical about the concept, but maybe if I suggest we make chocolate ones, too, he'll come around. Thanks for the Alton Brown link!


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