Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Month to Go

Baby Bump 35 weeks and 4 days

Well, here we are at the 36 week mark.  To say that I am not having daily panic attacks would be downright lying.

So....what's happening?

Sleep Changes: I read somewhere that during the last month or so of your pregnancy, your sleep patterns change so that you have more light, REM sleep and less deep, recuperating sleep.  This tendency supposedly stays after you have your child so that, you know, you don't sleep through his fussing and neglect to feed and take care of him.  I guess this confers some sort of "evolutionary advantage".  What I say?  Bollocks!  Give me my sleep now, and no one has to get hurt.  Honestly?  This sucks.  I go to bed exhausted and can't find a comfortable position.  Once asleep, I am having weird dreams and am easily woken up.  The combined result: an ill-rested Lady Susan.

 The Baby: So, I am at the point in my pregnancy where I am meeting weekly with the midwives.  According to the last couple of visits, Baby F. appears to be in a good position (i.e. head down).  Yeah Baby F.!  He also appears to be a good size: not too big, not too small.......just right.  Hopefully he continues to channel his inner Goldilocks and stay that way.  He is moving around like crazy still, which is good.

The Baby Shower: I have a baby shower this Saturday.  If you are thinking this is a bit late, I would have to agree with you.  I am to the point where I want to have everything in order so that we can decide what last minute things we need.  I don't think I am being extremely unreasonable in this as most everything I read states that I should also have my hospital bag packed at this point (mine is a work in progress) because you  never know when baby will decide to show up.  On the other hand, I am trying to be grateful that people are even willing to throw me a baby shower.  I will just ignore the fact that we have already purchased most of our essential items.  I should also be grateful that the date was moved up a couple of weeks.  Yes, the original date of the baby shower was 9 days before my actual due date.  When the woman asked me if that date was o.k., I said yes, provided it was also o.k. if it was a post-baby shower.

Am I the only one who finds showers awkward?  I felt this way during my bridal shower too.  You are obliged to register someplace, but then you aren't supposed to announce it, since it is considered tacky.  If you are lucky, people will ask.  If you aren't lucky, people won't ask and instead get you a bunch of stuff that you don't really like/need/want which you may or may not be able to exchange.  Then you have people judging your registry--taking note of your high priced items and deeming them extravagant and unnecessary:  "When we got married, we were happy if we had matching dishes."  "When we had kids, we were grateful just to have (fill in the blank)."  The whole thing makes me sort of crazy.

Work:  The Powers Above have deemed it a great opportunity for me to spend the next two weeks working on a manuscript to publish.  Apparently in the field of science, writing a Master's Thesis is not enough.  No indeed.  Instead you must convert one's thesis into one (or more) manuscripts to be published in an accredited, peer-reviewed,  scientific journal.  I can see their point--it is more likely that the manuscript will be written and published if I work on it before baby comes rather than putting it off until postpartum.  It will also place me in a better situation for the future if I leave work with a sense of closure and a manuscript on my resume.  However, that good sense doesn't really make me more inclined to take this project on during the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  And who knows if baby will cooperate? 

Two days have passed since delving into Project Manuscript, and I have been surprisingly productive.  It has helped that everything else is off my plate during these two weeks I have to devote to this endeavor.  It turns out that I can focus if not bothered by a dozen other little nagging tasks.



yola said...

One month to go, so much to do! But you'll work it out great and a month from now you'll have your wee one and life will only get better. :) I'll be thinking of you all month my friend!

RA said...

Do you need help with your manuscript? I can give you a hand!

Washington Hills said...

Yup, Lady Susan, you look scary anemic to me! (I've never had a good experience with an NP, by the way. I avoid them at all costs! They have NEVER known what they're talking about. Or, WORSE!, they have had their little "pet specialties" that they know a lot about and always have tried to steer us there when it had nothing to do with us. Just my opinion. We only see doctors.)


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