Thursday, February 11, 2010

They Say It's My Birthday

My birthday was completely off my radar this year.  It just sort of crept up on me until, whoops!  There it was!  I guess I have been more focused on another person's birthday--the one occupying valuable real estate in my mid-region.  Indeed, when people asked what I would like for my birthday, my mind became a complete blank.  I didn't really need anything, unlike Baby F. who is still in need of a few essentials before he is allowed to grace us with his presence.

The greatest birthday gift this year was the "Snowpocalypse."  The best side effect of the storm being that both Mr. F. and I had the day off on my birthday, in which we just enjoyed being lazy and kept each other company.  Another up side of the "Storm of the Century" is that I only have to work one day this week.  Whohoo!  Luckily, I am in the state of pregnancy where enforced periods of limited activity aren't too tedious--my energy is fleeting these days anyway. 

Although I was willing to overlook my birthday, Mr. F. was not.  He made it quite clear that he planned on baking me a Birthday Cake--By Jingo!  Luckily, we had done our normal weekly shopping prior to The Great Snow and miraculously had on hand all the ingredients to make my birthday cake pick:  Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake which I found while browsing through Smitten Kitchen's website.  (Well everything but the cream to make the chocolate ganache which is why our cake looks a bit naked.)

Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake

Yum.  So tasty.  I love citrus-y cakes, and this one has a lot of flavor.  I will tell you unabashedly that Mr. F. and I attacked the beater and bowl with abandon, licking up all traces of batter--it was too good to let it go down the sink.  And with it being an Ina Garten recipe, you don't have to worry about dryness at all.  Oh no.  Moist is it's second name.  Yup, Mr. F. did a fantastic job.  I will have to keep him around a bit longer.

Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake 2


Janssen said...

Happy Birthday!

Amusingly, I was just thinking about this cake in the last couple of days. I've never made it, but remembered seeing it a few years ago.

Hizzeather said...

Hapy Berfday! That cake looks delish!


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