Friday, January 15, 2010

What does half a cow look like?

You may recall that a month ago Mr. F. and I watched Food, Inc. Watching this, along with reading other books on the subject, prompted us to make a serious effort to find more sustainable and more humane meat sources.

Surprisingly, it wasn't a difficult search (at least for beef. We are still looking for a good poultry source.) Turns out, Mr. F. works with a man whose family raises cattle. Most of the year, the cattle are pasture fed. Towards the end of the year, this switches to a diet of alfalfa and corn. At no point are they given any medicated feed, etc. So while it isn't "certified" organic and 100% "grass-fed." It is really close. The price was also very reasonable. So....Mr. F. and I bit the bullet and order a quarter of a cow.

Actually, we ended up ordering half a cow with the idea that half of it will go to Mr. F.'s sister (we are delivering the meat to them this weekend). We did this so that we could get the cuts we wanted. (I personally was dreaming about really cheap rib roasts. Don't judge me.) This coincided with our decision that our main Christmas gift this year was going to be a deep-freezer. *Be still my squirrel-beating heart.* However, once we decided that we were going to be ordering a quarter of a cow and housing a half a cow for a couple of weeks, we knew we had to order a larger freezer than we originally intended--about twice as big, actually.

May I present to you, our half a cow:


It should be noted that there is nothing in that freezer besides cow. We originally had a chicken and some various types of flours, but they had to be moved upstairs to our regular freezer to make room.

Yeah. That is a crazy amount of meat. Luckily, it keeps really well. Here is to a prosperous and meaty year ahead of us.

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Janssen said...

Wow. Do you mind if I ask how much half a cow costs?

Also, that is so much meat. I can hardly believe it.


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