Monday, January 11, 2010

29 Weeks

Rocking 29 Weeks

I am having a hard time caring and not feeling resentful toward anything that does not directly relate to this next aspect of my life—having a kid. While I have never experienced a burning passion for my work, I have also never felt like I would rather be home cleaning, straightening, and organizing rather than doing science and getting a paycheck. Same goes for my church callings. I am downright angry when I have to go to a youth activity on a Tuesday night, effectively eliminating any time available to get stuff done after being gone all day at work, or heck, even just resting. So yes, this makes me rather unproductive when it comes to work and church callings.

Braxton-Hicks: Supposedly, I have been having Braxton-Hicks contractions for the past month or more. At my last Midwife appointment, my midwife asked me if I have felt any contractions. I honestly couldn’t tell her yea or nay. I mean, what do contractions feel like anyway? She described them as a tightening of my belly for moments at a time. Oh those? Yeah, I have been having those all the time. I have since found them to be at times quite painful, so they no longer hold the “cool factor” that they did when I found out I was having them. It is interesting that my co-worker (who is 10 weeks ahead of me and could be having her baby at any time) hasn’t experienced them at all. I don’t know whether or not to be jealous. My midwife doesn’t seem to be concerned either way, so I will just let it go at that.

Pelvic Muscles: Dude. They are getting a serious workout. I don’t think they are used to being “load-bearing.” Sometimes I have to grab my belly and help them out or……who knows what will happen? (I seriously have cartoon images of my belly just plummeting to the floor). I also have found that yoga really works them. Again, not something I was previously aware of, but then my pelvic muscles weren’t carrying around this weight before. I have to be careful not to over exert myself during my practice or else I am really sore the next couple of days.

Exercise: I have been trying to be better about exercising consistently, but it has been difficult in finding moments where I have both the time and the energy. I have also had to seriously revamp my idea of “what makes a good workout.” Profuse sweating and a racing heart from running have been replaced by strength and flexibility garnering yoga workouts and moderate workouts on the elliptical. But like I mentioned earlier, I have to be really careful that I don’t push myself too hard, and that limit seems to change all the time. Also, I am beset by huge guilt trips when I don’t manage to exercise. Everything you read as a pregnant person hammers the point: you must exercise! There are all these great benefits to exercise like a shorter and easier labor. “Don’t you want that,” the pregnancy books cry. Yes, yes I do want that. However, making that a reality is something I am really struggling with. This is in itself odd as I have never had problems making time or finding energy to exercise before. I can only hope that my pitiful efforts will make a difference.

Forgetfulness: Supposedly, I have shown signs of forgetfulness. I say “supposedly” because the only word I have to go on is Mr. F.’s. I think it is just Mr. F. that is being forgetful.

Glucose Screening: Last week I went in to get my glucose level screened. I had to come in fasting (I went first thing in the morning) and drink this nasty, sugary, orange drink at which point I felt like someone had just given me an IV of straight sugar. Whew! I then had to hang out for an hour and have my blood drawn. I find out the results at my next appointment. I am really, really hoping that it comes back negative. If it comes back positive, I have to take this three hour test which involves larger quantities of nasty orange drink and a longer fasting period. Barf. I am wondering if the proximity of the holidays and the sugary binges that may or may not have occurred will affect the outcome of the test.

The Cold That Lingered: After Christmas, Mr. F. and I came down with a cold. While his went away soon with the help of over-the-counter-medication, mine has lingered and lingered and lingered. It really stinks not to be able to take a Sudafed and be done with it. Instead, I have renewed my friendship with my “magic lamp,” as my friend Yola likes to call it. It is the only thing which has saved me from drowning in my own snot.

Protein Vindication: At my last appointment, my midwife also asked me if I was taking any birthing classes. I mentioned that I was taking a Bradley class and that I had just finished with the last class. “Are you following the diet?” she asked nonchalantly. I replied no, citing my reasons. “Good,” she said, “we find that their high-protein diet just grows linebackers.” Yeah! I feel all the more confident in my choice of eating well but not striving for ridiculously high daily protein intakes.


Wild Rose said...

:-) I love these updates and glad things are going well. Braxton-Hicks contractions don't mean a darn thing, some people have them and others don't.

Lynda said...

I love reading your blog. You are quite funny! I hope your pregnancy pains don't last long and that you'll soon have a cutie ... (what are you having a boy or a girl? I don't remember.) Anyway... Have a happy year enjoying all of your tasty bovine!


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